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If your verification has failed then you must go under SASSA SRD Grant ensuring procedure. This increases your chance for R350 and will assist candidates who are facing hardship and economic lack by COVID-19 R350 Grant. By checking your information there is a hope for applicants to get chances for receiving grant payment. By the mentioned procedure you can easily correct your information who has faced the problem of SASSA Status Check Failed.

Reasons For Status Failed Of R350

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency), founded in April 2005, is a well-known firm in South Africa. This organization is serving as a leading corporation by assisting over 40% of its population with a remarkable welfare grant for humankind. If you have apply for any grant, you can check the status of the grant by clicking SASSA Status Check.

One must understand reasons for better opportunities, identify weaknesses, engage with the issue and improve future applications. Understand the reason for the SRD status failing to get the benefit of the grants by SASSA. This will assist millions of candidates who are facing financial hardships. Thus, following are some reasons for SASSA Status Check failed:

Incorrect Information

If your provided information is false then you won’t be able to meet the eligibility criteria for the SRD R350 grant. In fact, any chance of correction of crucial information and data such as National ID Number, phone number, grant reference number, file number, and passport number will proceed to accessibility to SRD R350 payment. Else this will remove any chance of receiving grant payment.

Failure in Identity Verification

The failure in confirmation of crucial data such as identity must belong to South Africa. The SRD grant is meant only for needy South Africans. One of the major issues is  due to failure in the verification of data at the official SASSA database. Thus, if the data of the candidate is not similar to the data in the SASSA official database.

SASSA Status Check Failed Due to Typing Mistakes

Any mistaken entry of prior data, including ID Number, file number, reference number, passport number or other unintentional typing mistakes will initiate towards failure of the R350 grant. These typo mistakes are the basis of failure in the SRD R350 grant. Accordingly, whether you have entered incorrect data intentionally or unintentionally will demonstrate collapsing chances for SASSA grant payment.

Technical Issues

In most cases, people who have a lack of internet connection will make the possibility of a status check fail. Slow internet speed, barriers in signal range, network coverage, ISP problems, incorrect network configuration, and weather conditions are the strongest issues for failure.

Delayed Application Process

If the deadline for SRD R350 is passed, then you are ineligible for R350 grant payment. Deadlines are crucial in any government aid or support system for avoiding delay in procedure. These deadlines are officially provided by SASSA on their official website.

How To Fix SASSA Status Check For R350 Failed

In any case of status failure in SRD R350 by the South African Social Security Agency, you must resolve your issue to avail of the SASSA grant payment. The explanation and reasons discussed below must be understood to properly resolve the issue. After understanding these steps must be followed to avail R350 grant. All you need is to update your South African Identification and registered Cell Phone Number. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First, browse the official SASSA portal on Google or by clicking 

Step 2: Secondly, enter your correct ID number and Registered Phone number.

Step 3: Thirdly, press the “Send SMS” icon to receive a code message.

Step 4: Now, You will receive an OTP shortly. 

Step 5: Then, enter the OTP you received. Must verify it.

Step 6:  South African ID number and registered number will be displayed in front of you. Ensure the correct information by correcting it.

Step 7: Now, enter the reasons for desired areas by responding to all queries on the portal.

Step 8: Finally, enter “Submit”. 

You will be able to receive your R350 gran after performing described steps. The period taken by SASSA during this process is 30 days. Remember that all of your personalized information is viewed by SASSA every month for which you want to have an SRD grant. Also, ensure your correct information by the method explained above.

How To Fix Identity Verification for SASSA Status Check Failed

If your verification of South African fails then you have to go under appeal procedure. The period for appeal is only 30 days by the official SASSA. This facility is provided to candidates for availing their SASSA R350 grant payment. An appeal can be submitted in easy steps below:

Step 1: To lodge an appeal against the SASSA decision you must visit the SASSA appeal portal or by clicking 

Step 2: Now, enter your 13-digit South African Identity number and registered Phone number. 

Step 3: Then, Press the “Send Pin” icon to receive an OTP code.

Step 4: Input the OTP code in the desired location.

Step 5: Now, Click the “Submit” icon.

Step 6: Select the month for which you want to appeal for a R350 grant.

Step 7: Mention all the reasons for your appeal to SRD grant payment.

Step 8: Finally, press the “Submit” icon.

These are the easy steps for the appeal procedure to SASSA for the R350 grant payment. The appeal via online portal is easy, fast and time efficient. However, the period given by the official SASSA organization is 30 days. One must appeal within a given period for SRD payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the information provided by you is not the same on the database of the SASSA  organization.

Yes, you have to fill your required information for your SRD R350 grant application by SASSA online portal.

Ensure correct information by browsing SASSA online portal on Google.

You have to make an appeal within 30 days of the timeline.

Incorrect information, Failure in Identity Verification, Typing Mistakes, Technical Issues, Delayed application process are some of common issues.


One of the largest granting agencies in South Africa with multiple social contributions for 19 years of magnificent journey in providing aid, support and grants is SASSA. In fact, the main focus of the firm is to get people better survival, who meet their eligibility criteria through application and SASSA status checks. Millions of people are getting the services by the SASSA. Correspondingly, if your SASSA status check failed or identity verification failed then you must proceed with the above solutions to have advantages of SRD grants. In short, this is a hope for millions of candidates who are looking for financial support for education, healthcare, and better life opportunities.  

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