SASSA Grant-In-Aid

Grant-In-Aid SASSA

In this article, we have covered the entire information about the SASSA Grant-In-Aid which is provided to candidates who are receiving Old Age, Disability grant and War Veterans grant and are unable to look for themselves. South African residents who are not able to care for themselves and need a proper caretaker and consulting for himself/herself can apply. An applicant who is dependent on another person to be cared for is eligible for this grant.

Introduction of SASSA Grant-In-Aid

In 1996, SASSA introduced Grant in Aid to South African people who are receiving any other grant but can not take care of themselves and need any charges to pay to that person who is taking care of himself/herself. This initiative is provided by SASSA to those candidates who are dependent upon another person. In order to pay the charges to that person, the Grant in Aid acts as a helping hand for millions of candidates to pay to that person with whom he is dependent.

Grant-In-Aid Eligibility Criteria

Different criterias are created to ensure that the grant is fascinating to the right and needy people. It establishes the right allocation of resources to deserving people only. To maximize the impact of initiative and SASSA grants, this agency also makes sure that its deserving people are making competitive progress and getting financially balanced. In order to apply for Grant in Aid, there are several conditions and requirements for the eligibility to avail this SASSA grant payment. These criterias are as:

  • You have to pass mean test of respective grant you are availing 
  • You must be receiving an Old Age grant, Disability Grant and War Veterans Grant.
  • You must have a person who is taking care of you due to disability or health care.
  • You must not be admitted in any care institution  
  • Must have a medical report confirming your disability, health condition and that you need full health support and consultation.

These all are the record of the catalog you will need for the application procedure. These essentials are must have for any candidate if he is seeking for SASSA Grant-In-Aid.

SASSA Grant-in-Aid Application Process 2024

An application step is the most important process as the grant payment depends upon it. It is a structured way of applying formally to any agency for grants and aids. The proposal is a way of submission of the will of many applicants who are seeking for any income support with the help of these initiatives by the governments. It consists of details and information of the candidate which then declares the most suitable and deserving candidate among all. However, the procedure of application for SASSA Grant-in-Aid is:

  • Visit any of the nearest SASSA offices or search it on Google Maps.
  • Ask the representative to give an “Application form” to you.
  • Submit all the required documents which includes the following documents as follows:
  • Your South African ID number
  • A medical report of your permanent disability
  • Certificate of marriage 
  • South African residency letter
  • Your monthly income
  • Your saved bank balance
  • Your pension letter and pension amount mention on it
  • Your last 3 months bank statement
  • Certificate of leaving from previous employer

Once all these documents are submitted, take a receipt from it as a proof that you have applied for it. These all steps are important for the critical analysis of applicants credibility and stand points. All candidates are either declared eligible or ineligible on the basis of merit. One must give all his personalized and correct information during the SASSA application process for Grant-In-Aid.

Time processing for the SASSA Application?

The time taken by SASSA is usually 90 days or 3 months. It also depends upon various factors and may vary for every applicant. In this time period, SASSA collects all the related information and documents if you identify the eligibility or ineligibility  on the basis of candidates credibility. However, in most of the cases candidates start receiving their SASSA grant payment after once being recognized and verified on the database of SASSA.

Required Documents For SASSA Grant-in-Aid

In order to highlight the candidate’s chances of successful application, certain documents are crucial to meet the criteria of requirement and acceptance. These all documents differentiates all the applicants on the basis of their personalized information and standings.

  • Your South African ID number
  • A medical report of your permanent disability
  • Certificate of marriage 
  • South African residency letter
  • Your monthly income
  • Your saved bank balance
  • Your pension letter and pension amount mention on it
  • Your last 3 months bank statement
  • Certificate of leaving from previous employer

SASSA Status Check Grant-in-Aid

Keep checking your SASSA Grant-In-Aid status from time to time. It involves the management of time, result awareness and progress tracking of submitted applications. This helps to have future updates and peace of mind. Also, one can prepare for the results and avoid risks.

Step 1: Visit the official SASSA status check website or simply click here

Step 2: Once the portal is open, enter your “Cell Number” and “ID Number”

Step 3: Now, enter the “Submit” icon.

Step 4: You will receive the result of your SASSA status check shortly.

SASSA Status Check Grant-in-Aid through WhatsApp

Step 1: Save the WhatsApp number of 0820468553 

Step 2: Refresh the WhatsApp and shoot a text “SASSA”

Step 3: An automatic chatbot will response you. Reply “Status Check”

Step 4: A prompt will show your current balance and status on Grant in Aid

SASSA Appeal Process For Grant-In-Aid

An appeal is submitted by those people whose grants are rejected by SASSA due to some reasons including lack of verification and failure of meeting the eligibility criteria. This process helps candidates to appeal against SASSA decision of rejection of Grant in Aid or any other aid. It is a hope for millions of applicants to appeal for revising their decision for rejection of grant.

How To Check SASSA Appeal status?

The facility of SASSA appeal status check is also provided by the SASSA. For continuous progress of application, grantors can keep checking their appeal status. It helps to track the status of your granted appeal to SASSA. If you are looking for SASSA appeal status check for your grant then follow the step by step guidance given in the below procedure as: 

Step 1: Go to the official portal of SASSA for appeal or click the link 

Step 2: Press “South African ID” or “Asylum Seeker / Permit Seeker” as per your identity.

Step 3: Enter your ID Number or personalized Cell Phone number.

Step 4: You will find multiple, Click on “Track Appeal Status”.

Step 5: Now, enter the “View Details” icon.

You will receive the status of your appeal shortly. Keep having a check on it from time to time in order for risk management and preparation of results. 

How Can I Check Grant In Aid Balance?

Regularly checking your balance makes the grantors plan their budget to allocate resources to the right places depending upon their need. One can avoid various issues of expenditure and lack of economic unbalance. In order to proceed with SASSA balance check you can simply follow the given methods as according to your choice.

  • Method 1: SASSA balance check via USSD Code
  • Method 2: SASSA balance check via ATM

Method 1: SASSA balance check via USSD Code

An easy, fast and internet free method to check your Grant-in-Aid balance with the help of 13 digit unique code that is provided on the device on which you are having your SASSA balance check. It is in given steps as:

Step 1: Dial 12069277# or 120*3210# on cell phone

Step 2: Wait for the USSD code to run. 

Step 3: It will display your SASSA status shortly

Method 2: SASSA Grant In Aid balance check via ATM

An Automated Teller Machine is the most authentic and trustable way for SASSA balance check. It does not involve any scam or online fraud activity. This procedure is in steps as:

Step 1: First, visit any nearest ATM 

Step 2: Secondly, provide your SASSA Gold Card

Step 3: Thirdly, you will have a list of related options.

Step 4: Now, press “Balance Enquiry” for SASSA balance check

You will receive two options

  • View balance in screen
  • View balance via receipt

Choose as per your desire choice.

Step 5: Finally, You will get your balance check.

Increase In Amount Of Grant in Aid 2024

The Grant-In-Aid is subjected to periodic increase for several reasons, reflecting progress in budgetary improvement, economic enhancement, public pressure and also better fulfillment of needs. Thus, a brief detail of the expected increase in the amount of Grant-In-Aid is:

Grant NameAgencyYearIncreased Amount

This increase depends upon the latest notifications and announcements from the official resources of SASSA. Every year, SASSA grants are increased due to betterment of unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and equality among all communities of South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a special grant given to those people who are dependent on caretakers for full time support in their health and consultation.

In 2024, the amount for Grant-In-Aid is R510. It is an increase from the previous amount that was R500.

Candidates who disabled and currently availing Old Age Grant, Disability Grant and War Veterans Grant.

With the help of SASSA online portal you can easily apply for it. It is the most convenient method for SASSA grant applications.

A candidate must be disabled and currently availing Old Age Grant, Disability Grant and War Veterans Grant.


The initiative given to those people who are dependent on another person for care and complete support of health. This Grant-In-Aid acts as a leading support to those who are unable to look for themselves. Additionally, with the intention of paying charges to those people who are serving them for better health and life support, the Grant-In-Aid is a resourcefulness to lead equality and fairness among all communities. Thus, people who are receiving Old Age Grant, War Veterans Grant, Disability Grant from SASSA are eligible for it as this community requires full support in health due to permanent or temporary disability. In short, Grant-In-Aid are monetary charges provided by the government and given to care takers who are taking care of these candidates.

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