How To Apply For A SASSA Grant? Complete Guide For SASSA Online Application

SASSA Application

If you are looking for a detail on the process of How To Apply For A SASSA Grant? Then this article is going to collaborate with all of your problems for the Sassa Online Application Process. SASSA application is a crucial procedure for requesting SASSA grants. For better understanding, we have written every related information below which can be helpful to recognize eligibility, application process, requirement, other interconnected problems and their solutions.

SASSA Account Registration Online

You can apply for all SASSA grants including SRD R350, Care Dependency, Child Support, Foster Child, Disability Grant, Grant-in-Aid, Older Person grant and War Veterans grant with given easy steps. A detail is given below in an enhanced way for better awareness of SASSA account registry. Also, various other related problems are also solved in different sectors. Let’s start with SASSA account registration online.

Step 1: Go to any SASSA online service webportal.

Step 2: Select “Register a New Account” icon to continue with SASSA application.

Step 3: Check “I Agree” and then enter the “Apply” icon.

Step 4: Now, enter all personal information and required data on “Client Registration” form. It will include:

  • South African Citizenship (South African resident/ Refugee / Permanent Resident) 
  • South African ID Number
  • Type of ID (ID document/ Temporary ID)
  • Enter your ID number
  • Choose Mr/Miss/Mrs
  • Enter your Surname 
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Enter your current Email address
  • Select a Password (must contain special characters)
  • Confirm your Password again
  • Enter your Cell phone Number (South African number)

Step 5: Select “Register Me” icon.

Now, your online SASSA account has registered. Shortly, you will receive a unique OTP code that will confirm your registration. So, your online SASSA account is registered and you are freely able to apply for SASSA grants.

SASSA Online Application

For submitting SASSA Online Application to get fascinated by SASSA grants, here is a step by step guideline to get better understanding and to get an organized way to apply for SASSA. Also, it includes various legal compensation upon which every SASSA candidate is categorized. Follow the given procedure to get in depth analysis of all steps involved during SASSA application.

  • Step 1: Open SASSA account and login with your credentials (username and password)
  • Step 2: Select “Social Grants” option and choose your desired type of SASSA grant
  • Step 3: Fill the grant application and enter your all correct and updated information
  • Step 4: Carry a printed affidavit provided by SASSA and certify it from the commissioner of oath. 
  • Step 5: Sign the “Bank Payment” form and submit it with your SASSA affidavit
  • Step 6: Now, provide your all required document (PDF format)
  • Step 7: Enter “Submit” icon

Finally, your process of SASSA application is completed. Additionally, you can do a SASSA status check in order to examine the status of your grants. Also, ensure you have kept the receipt you got after the SASSA application. 

SASSA Application Processing Time

SASSA takes a specific time period of 90 days. During this time period, SASSA verifies your application and determines your eligibility. Correspondingly, after the SASSA online application is once submitted, all candidates are supposed to wait patiently until the SASSA response. So, once your application is accepted, you will start receiving your SASSA payments. Also, you can examine the latest SASSA payment dates for your desired grants.

Qualification Criteria of SASSA Grants

All SASSA candidates are genuinely supposed to pass certain eligibility criteria for qualification of SASSA grants. Also, this ensures that grants are getting received only by the right candidate as SASSA grants are only meant for needy people with lack of financial assistance. Moreover, by defining such criteria, various legal and rules are imposed which further demonstrate every eligible SASSA candidate. Thus, here is a guideline for various grants given as:

Care Dependency Grant

  • Primary caretaker of foster child
  • South african citizen
  • Singles must not earn more than R223 200/ year
  • Married must not earn more than R446 500/ year
  • Child must be less than 18 years
  • Must not be in state institution 
  • Must have a severe disability 


  • Already receiving SASSA disability grant, War Veterans grant or older person grant
  • Must need a full time support or care
  • Must not be cared in any of state institute 

War Veterans Grant

  • Must be South African (SA citizen, permanent, Refugee)
  • Living in South Africa
  • Be either disabled or age should be more than 60 years
  • Be a participant in Korean war (1950-1953) or Second World War (1939-1945)
  • Must not have any other grant, funds, monetary support.
  • Must not be in any stats institute 
  • Singles earning more than R86 280/ year are not applicable
  • Singles having assets of R1 227 560 are ineligible.
  • Married must earn more than R1 227 600/ year
  • Married must not have assets of R2 455 200

Foster Child Grant

  • Should be a South African citizen or permanent refugee.
  • Child must be living in South Africa
  • Applicant must have legal authority to be the foster parents 
  • Child must not be more than 18 years age

Disability Grant

  • Mandatory to be a South African or permanent refugee.
  • Must have between 18 years to 59 years
  • Must not be in any state institution 
  • Must have SA ID number
  • Single must not earn more than R86 280
  • Married must not earn more than R2 445 200
  • Must pass a mean test
  • Must have certificate of disability 

Older Person Grant

  • Must be South African citizen or permanent refugee
  • Should live in South Africa while SASSA application
  • Must not have any social grant support.
  • Not under any state institution
  • Singles earning more than R86 280 can not apply
  • Married earning more than R172 560 are ineligible 
  • Singles having assets more than R1 227 600 are not applicable
  • Married containing assets more than R2 455 200 are not eligible

Child Support Grant

  • Primary Caretaker of child
  • South African citizen
  • Singles must not earn than R52 800
  • Married must not earn than R105 600
  • Age must be less than 18 years
  • Should not be any any state institution 
  • Live with primary caregiver parents 

SASSA Online Application Status Check

The given method will provide you to get current status for SASSA payments. It ensures the timely response of candidates to decide any step for future results. The SASSA Status Check is a technique in which you can easily check the standings of your SASSA application. Additionally, it helps to make future decisions and make SASSA candidates to get aware of any risk.

SASSA Status via Online Portal

Step 1: First, visit SASSA official website.  

Step 2: Second, enter “South African ID Holder” icon.

Step 3: Thirdly, select “Application status”

Step 4: Now, enter your SA ID number and registered mobile number.

Step 5: Finally, enter the “Submit” icon.

Check SASSA Status via Moya Application

Step 1: First, download Moya Application from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Secondly, open the application and select “Status icon”

Step 3: Now, provide all necessary requirements.

Step 4: Finally, an SMS will tell your status for a SASSA grant.

SASSA Status Check via USSD Code

Step 1: Firstly, dial “1347737#” on your cell phone.

Step 2: Secondly, enter your South African ID number and registered Mobile number.

Step 3: Now, you can check SASSA status for grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a SASSA grant by first opening your SASSA account.  Then, log in with all of your credentials. Choose “Social Grants”. Now, fill the grant application. Carry SASSA affidavit given by the agency itself. Do certify in from the commissioner of oath. Sign the bank payment for. Provide all supporting documents. Enter “Submit” now.

You can register your SASSA account online by first, go to the SASSA online portal. Secondly, enter “Register a New Account”. Now, check “I Agree” and “Apply”. Then, provide all personal information. Finally, enter “Register Me

For online SASSA status check you can first go to SASSA official website. Now, enter “South African ID holder. Then, choose “Application status”. Enter your SA ID and Mobile number. Press “Submit”.

Various SASSA grants require different grants depending upon what the grant actually is. However, some basic documents you will need in almost every SASSA grant is your South African ID and personal Mobile number.


A SASSA Online Application is for those candidates who are trying to get SASSA grants. Also, it included all structured and legal ways for SASSA grants. This can be very helpful to your understanding for the whole procedure. In Short, if you are aiming for any SASSA social grant then this article is very helpful for you in order to have a step by step guideline for a better approach.

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