Care Dependency Grant 2024

SASSA Care Dependency Grant

In this given article, I have summarized the whole information of Care Dependency Grant. You can find every related detail and guidance for SASSA Care Dependency Grant. 

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) intended to reveal its Care Dependency Grant for any particular family of South Africa which is the primary caretaker or foster parents of any child. The child must be abandoned temporarily or permanently disabled or having mental or physical severe impairment. 

Its main objective is to assist families who are contributing to do supervision to any disabled, neglected child. It continues to serve children under 18. The applicant family must be having a legal resignation letter confirming that the family is legally supervising any child.

Documents Needed for SASSA Care Dependency

An applicant must need all of these given documents for verification, eligibility and some other legal compliance. These must have documents. Documents like South African ID, financial statement and other supporting material are very crucial to declare your standings during the decision making process. It allows the SASSA to approve the eligibility of the right candidate among all. The SASSA will store your information. All documents may be genuine as these have a great impact on your application acceptance or rejection. These documents are:

  • Your South African ID document
  • Your birth certificate 
  • Certificate of marriage 
  • A sworn statement showing your income
  • A certificate of disability confirming that the child has mental or physical health issues

Eligibility Requirements For Care Dependency Grant

An eligibility criteria defines regulatory standard in order to allow right allocation of SASSA resources. It clearly distinguishes among all applicants to maximize its impact in South Africa. It focuses on the right applicant and ensures its significant importance by eliminating ineligible candidates. Every SASSA grant has a legal boundary as a requirement. The basic purpose of the agency is to propose grants to needy South Africans. It is crucial to understand the criteria to have greater chances of selection else it will waste your time, effort and money. Additionally, it prevents any misuse of SASS funds. In short, one must meet the following criteria given as:

  • Must be a primary caretaker of the neglected, foster or orphan child.
  • Must be a South African citizen.
  • The child must be under 18 years.
  • Singles must not earn more than R223 300 per year.
  • Married people must not earn more than 4446 400 per year.
  • Medical report confirming that the child has permanent, temporary impairment or is orphaned.
  • Applicants and his/her spouse must have to pass a mean test.
  • The child must not be in any Care Institution.

Application Process For SASSA Care Dependency Grant

An application is required in order to propose or submit your SASSA Care Dependency request. It includes various important aspects outlining the greater impact of its resources. Firstly, it helps SASSA to get a legal submission of documents. Secondly, it helps this agency to get clarity in their budget planning. Thirdly, it assists SASSA make decisions as per the amount of grant application. In short, it’s a process in which a decision is made from checking the application and the eligibility mentioned in it. The given process will help you to request your application for SASSA Grant. Follow the given process as below:

Step 1: Visit any SASSA office or browse it on Google.

Step 2: Ask the Provide all your supporting documents including your:

  • Your South African ID document
  • Your birth certificate 
  • Certificate of marriage 
  • A sworn statement showing your income
  • A certificate of disability confirming that the child has mental or physical health issues

Step 3: You will receive a receipt confirming that you have applied for a Grant.

Keep the receipt with you for any future use.

Application Processing Time Period For Care Dependency Grant

You will be notified shortly about the application result within 90 days. During this time period, SASSA declares the announcement of the right candidate who is eligible or not eligible for this Dependency Grant

Appeal For Care Dependency Grant

For fairness and equality among all eligible candidates. It is a chance for all rejected applicants who faced neglect of their Care Dependency Grant. With the proposal of SASSA appeal, the organization can review its decision of rejection of the grant. This can be a primarily important act to all candidates who are needy and seeking any support for their foster, orphaned child. This process is to create a fair distribution of grants. Additionally, grant-maker organizations can overlook the rejection and may allow the candidate to get fascinated by the grant. Also, the decisions can be reconsidered. It can make better opportunities for rejected candidates. Follow the given instruction for better assistance and understanding towards the SASSA Care Dependency appeal process.

Step 1: First, go to the official SASSA appeal online portal

Step 2: Secondly, provide your South African ID and registered mobile number (you gave while your application process)

Step 3: Thirdly, a unique PIN will be received at your registered number. Write it in its desired location. 

Step 4: Now, select a month for which you want to get a rejected grant.

Step 5: Then, mention your personalized reason for SASSA appeal

Step 6: Finally, enter the “Submit” icon.

Make sure you have entered a personal and genuine reason of yours. Moreover, also choose the desired month carefully.

Appeal Processing Time Periods

There is a specific time period provided by SASSA to grant appeal only during that certain time period. Thus, all candidates have to submit the appeal request for SASSA Care Dependency Grant within 30 days of rejection. Else it will increase the chances of permanent rejection of grant.

What is Means Test for the SASSA Care Dependency Grant?

In order to prevent fraud or misuse activity, a mean test is required to determine applicant’s eligibility for SASSA grants. To check the financial standings of the candidates. With this, SASSA can fascinate only verified. Additionally, determining an individual’s condition in the economy of finance can lead to distinguishing correct selection. So, this approach reflects qualifying only needy people. In short, the objective of this test is to target and maximize its allocation of resources.

Time Of Lapsing Of Grant

A Care Dependency Grant lapse when the foster or orphan child turns 18. Additionally, this policy is set by SASSA in order to target only abandoned children as children above are supposed to earn for themselves.

Care Dependency Grant Payment Dates for February 2024

Correspondingly, the given below is the payment date for February 2024 for Care Dependency Grant.

AgencyGrant NameDate
SASSACare Dependency Grant5 Feb 2024

Care Dependency Amount 2024

Accordingly, the amount for Care Dependency will be as mentioned below: 

AgencyGrant NameYearAmount
SASSACare Dependency Grant2024R2090

Increased Amount For Care Dependency 2024

By the year of 2024, all SASSA grants are expected to increase by a same ratio given below:

AgencyGrant NameYearIncrease
SASSACare Dependency Grant20245%

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Balance Check

USSD balance checks generally provide the facility of internet free overviewing of SASSA grant amounts. In any emergency when you do not have access to the internet you can rapidly check your current SASSA Care Dependency balance. Thus, it has always been a secure method to make immediate decisions on an emergency basis.

Step 1: First, enter *120*3210# on your mobile call log.

Step 2: Secondly, You will receive a prompt. Follow it carefully. 

Step 3: Finally, you will get your Balance check with the help of USSD Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

The date for the Care Dependency Grant for the February month is the 5th of it.

It will be R2090 by the year of 2024. This is an increase made in all grants provided by SASSA for the year 2024.

Firstly, dial *120*3210# on your phone. Then follow all the given prompts. Finally, you will be able to get your balance check of grant payment.

Your Care Dependency Grant will lapse when you turn 18 years.


Care Dependency Grant is provided only to families who are supervising any child who is orphaned, neglected or foster. This grant ensures the supervision of a child for his/her better future. Additionally, it is a helping hand to millions of South African people who have legal permission to be the foster parent of any child with physical or mental health issues. In short, this grant contributes greatly towards betterment of South African people.

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