SASSA Reapplication For R350 SRD Grant

SASSA SRD R350 Reapplication

If your application got rejected or declined by SASSA, then simply follow the steps given below to get a proper information and structured way of SASSA Reapplication For R350 SRD Grant. You can reapply for the grant once in a month. Make sure that you meet eligibility criteria, we have cover all these criteria’s in this article as well.

Reasons for SRD R350 Reapplication

SRD R350 reapplication is submitted by individuals whose application gets rejected for certain conditions including statistics given below. It is important to understand the reason to get better acknowledgment:

Monetary Situation: In any case if your financial condition has changed after you submit your application for SRD grant then you can re- apply.

Upgrade of Personal details: The reason for rejection is maybe that your details such as name, phone number, and ID number have been updated so you can now reapply. 

Confirmation of Eligibility Criteria: This includes the hurdle during the verification of the application process due to network issues or any problem from SASSA’s database.

Program Changes or Extensions: The application may get rejected in cases like the due date of programs is extended or reduced before enrolling into the grant application process.

Change in Financial Conditions: The change in financial condition refers to any upgrade in monetary or current income status. It includes the lack of verification of the data at SASSA’s database. It includes various factors like asset, expenditure, and the basics of financial statistics. 

Grant Expiration: Every grant  like SRD R350 facilitated by any firm  has some expiration date. Do check with surety that your grant has expired or there is a change in the terms and condition of programs. 

Age Limitations:  Age limitation is one of the requirements of SRD 350 Grant. This condition is for getting eligible for aids, support and grants. However, if your age has not crossed the limit mentioned by SASSA then you must update your data at official database of SASSA 

Cancellation of Aid: It mentions the policy changes, budget maintenance, lack of resources, budgetary conditions and other crises like any pandemic condition or low economic state of the firm. 

Lack of Verification:  It relates to any boundary for verification process including conditions like false information, age restriction, update in policy and other statistics etc. If your application got rejected then you must go and re-apply for it again to get benefits for the aid.

Unreliable Information:  Any false information like health condition, disability, financial condition, African ID number, personal information, banking details or nubile number can lead to rejection of verification.

Reapplying process for SASSA Reapplication For R350

SRD R350 (Social Relief of Distress) is a special grant provided by SASSA in May 2020. During COVID-19 when people lost their jobs and the economy of countries were in great danger. A re-application for SRD R350 grant is submitted by those people whose application got rejected due to certain conditions discussed above. The multiple ways discussed below can be crucial to re-apply for the SRD R350 grant.

Reapplying process for SRD R350 Grant Using Browser:

In order to reapply online for SASSA’s SRD R350 Grant due to various reasons as mentioned above, follow the steps given below:

1. Open your browser like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Bing etc and search for the official website or simply click on this link

 2. When the website is completely in front of you, you will have a brief description of the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant), eligibility criteria, an important note and terms & conditions. 

Read the conditions carefully and don’t forget to check the eligibility criteria. 

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and there you’ll find two choices:

i. South African ID Holders 

ii. Asylum Seekers & Special Permit Holders

Click on the first option “South African ID Holders” in order to proceed for the re-application process .

4. Now, you’ll find the following options:

i. How do I apply for this SRD Grant 

ii. Update your grant application 

iii. Application Status

iv. Reconsideration status check 

Click on “Application Status”

5. Enter the updated ID Number & mobile number you mentioned when you submitted your grant application. Make sure that you are submitting current and upgraded information and details. 

6. Check all the updated information & submit it. 

7. Finally, you can now survey the status of your payment. Keep checking status from time to time in order to stay updated for SRD R350 status.

SASSA Reapplication For R350 Using Mobile Application:

1. Open Play Store & download SASSA R350 CHECK or by using the link

2. Open the application on your mobile phone, there you will find multiple icons. Click on the status icon for SRD R350 status check. 

3. Provide all the updated requirements which are needed & click on submit icon. 

4. You will have an SMS for status check. Keep the status noticed from time to time in order to check the progress.

Reapplying process Through WhatsApp:

Re-applying for SRD R350 Grant via Whatsapp is easy, fast, quick response and convenient as it allows simple step mentioned below for re-application:

  1. Save the WhatsApp Number: Simply go to your WhatsApp contact list and add the contact 082 046 8553 to your list
  1. Shoot a text: Write “SASSA” to activate the automatic chatbot. 
  1. Follow the instructions: The chatbot will quickly respond to the queries which are by the SASSA.
  1. Give all Required Documents: Provide necessary information like South African ID number, Mobile number, Personal details, Banking statistics etc. 

Reapplying process for SRD R350 Grant Through Office:

If you are not able to apply for SRD R350 Grant using a browser or mobile application then you can simply visit the office of SASSA. All you have is to take the required documents with you which includes your:

i. South African ID: It is known as the Identity Document of South Africa and is provided only to the South Africans. This ID helps to get identified as a nationality of South Africa. This is crucial information by SASSA for any grant because this proves that an individual belongs to the African Continent.

ii. Banking details: You must have to bring banking details of your financial condition in order to get SRD R350 grant. 

iii. Employment status: You should submit your employment status to check eligibility conditions and determination for the verification of information. 

iv. Mobile number: The Mobile Number is for the grant because it is an important way for verification confirmation, notifications, Updates and services.

v. Updated photographs and others: In order for verification, you must bring an updated photograph with you because this helps you get verified by appearance recognition. 

Eligibility for SASSA SRD R350 Grant

If you want to make yourself eligible for SASSA’s SRD R350 Grant,  then kindly make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria, terms  & conditions. The criteria include some factors such as income, employment status, citizenship & other relevant information. Moreover, individuals who are verified on their database can only have the facility to avail their grants. These grants include proper verification of its candidates. Thus, some of the conditions are below as:

Age Limitation: The age restriction for SRD R350 Grant is between 18 to 60 years as mentioned on SASSA’s official website. Correspondingly, there are some strict rules by the government regarding this. As usual most of the firm’s requirements are above 18. So, this organization also issues funds to the people above the figure of 18 years.

Nationality Restriction: There are also some restrictions related to the nationality of the applicant. As this firm only works in South Africa and is fully funded by the Government and other private organizations. So, you must belong to South Africa for a considerable applicant. 

Banking Details: Applicants have to receive payments in bank accounts. That is why you have to give your very own banking details. In fact, these details should be verified and approved by the government of South Africa.

Financial Status: There is a strict financial standard by the SASSA. Ones should meet the requirements of financial status. Additionally, different grants have different financial criteria. Thus, for being a successful candidate you should provide your financial status clear cut. 

Receiving other funds:  If you are already receiving funds from any other governmental or private organization like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Funds) etc then you are not eligible for the SASSA grants. However, you can still apply for it.

Vital Role of Reapplication for SRD R350 Grant

Over 40% of South Africans are getting this SRD R350 Grant which is helping the community to grow financially. Let’s suppose you apply for the SRD R350 Grant, then you check SASSA Status and due to some reasons like verification or some other issues you got rejected. Don’t lose hope! There is still a sign of opportunity. SASSA provides you the complete opportunity to re-apply. The hope of reapplications is a vital sign of life to many rejected candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for R350 Grant USSD 2024-2025 using WhatsApp number is simply by saving the number “0820468553”. Then, send a message “SASSA ” to the contact number and follow the instructions they will provide.

You need some general documents like CNIC, confirmation letter for grant, address, personal bank information for financial condition check and your African ID number etc.

Toll free helpline is being provided by SASSA in this regard. Call on the “0800 60 10 11” for detailed information about the deadlines for SASSA reapplication for R350 Grant.

Yes, you can apply for SRD R350 grant reapplication if your application was rejected. Simply, go to the official website of SASSA and submit an application with updated data. 

It takes 90 days for the appeal of the SRD R350 Grant process. You can keep checking the status through the official website every week or day.


SASSA Reapplication For R350 SRD Grant is submitted by those individuals whose applications gets rejected due to not updating data submitted already, the change in personal information, program changes or extensions or confirmation of eligibility criteria etc. Additionally, the process of re-submitting your application helps to get the benefit of the grants being provided. In short, the procedure discussed above can be crucial to your interest in reapplication.

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