SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Online 2024

Quick and easy way to perform SASSA Status Check of your SASSA R350 grant online. Keep updated about your current month’s grant to secure your payment for the month. SASSA grants updates on a monthly basis so it’s good to keep an eye on your status so you can get your payment timely especially if you’re withdrawing through post office/boxer.

To make it simpler for you we have summarized the whole process of SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Online 2024 in a step by step approach so it’s easier for you to follow it and be informed about your R350 Grant’s status. There are several ways to do SRD Status Check For R350. Mentioned below are the ways to check SASSA Status in seconds.

SASSA Status Check Online | SRD Status Check For R350

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency), founded in April 2005, is a well-known firm in South Africa. This organization is serving as a leading corporation by assisting over 40% of its population with a remarkable welfare grant for humankind.

It is one of the largest granting agencies in South Africa with multiple social contributions for 19 years of magnificent journey in providing aid, support and grants. The organization is the source of income for thousands of families in South Africa. The main focus of the firm is to get people better survival, who meet their eligibility criteria through application and SASSA status checks. The SASSA is fascinating millions of people from its services.

SASSA Grant Status Result Meanings

Pending Status:

It defines the situation that officials has not approved your application. The reason may include rechecking and proper confirmation of documents you provided.

Solution: Update your banking details in SASSA application. SASSA banking details links included the official website

Referred Status:

It means that your SASSA SRD appeal has gone under further review. It does not mean that your application is either rejected or accepted. The reason may be that the organization wants to confirm verification for the SRD application. 

Solution: Significantly, contact SASSA for verifying your documents to make clarity for correct record at firm. Otherwise, you will not be able to get your payment. 

Approved Status:

It means that SASSA has viewed your application and now you are eligible for the grants which agency is providing. 

Solution: So, you can now check the status of your payment using methods discussed above.

SASSA Status Check Failed:

It reflects the situation of dismissal of a grant due to incorrect details, lack of verification, identical request for application, ineligibility as per terms and conditions of R350 by SRD SASSA.

Solution: One must appeal the process, correct the personalized information or contact at official SASSA website. So, you can also click this link for more information about SASSA status check failed.

Information Required:

It occurs while you apply for the SASSA application for R350 through the official website and you submit the application before submitting your South African ID number and Registered mobile number .

Solution: Generally, simply enter your valid ID and registered mobile number for SRD appeal.

SASSA Status Check Payment Completed:

It occurs when you have received your SRD payment after SASSA SRD appeal. You have received your SRD payment.

Solution: In brief, you have taken your payment.

Methods To Check SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Grant

There are several methods which can be helpful to your query for SASSA status check of grant R350 by SASSA. All these methods are explained in step-by-step procedure for better understanding. These all methods are a fast and secure way to receive guidance SRD status. Make sure you must have your:

South African ID

Mobile Phone Number (The one you submit during grant application)

Follow the procedure and steps carefully which are discussed in each method given below:

Method 1: R350 SASSA Status Check using WhatsApp

The SRD Status Check Using WhatsApp is fast, easy, secure, convenient and end-to-end encrypted. In first place, here is a guideline to the procedure for SASSA R350 Grant which can be checked using the steps given further as:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp on Mobile phone.

Sep 2: Save the contact number of “0820 46 8553” for the status of R350.

Step 3: Start by texting “SASSA” on the saved contact of the official SASSA agency.

Step 4: Once the text to SASSA is sent, you will find several options for SRD status for R350

Step 5: Select your specific grant and reply “Status check” for the verification process of the R350 Grant.

Step 6: Enter your personal South African ID and Registered mobile number.

Finally, you will be having results for SASSA status

Method 2: SASSA SRD Status Check via SMS or USSD Code

Contacting SASSA via USSD or SMS is an easy way for individuals to get information about a grant’s status as it is cost effective and 24/7 availability. Significantly, these steps via SRD Code are explained one by one as given down under as:  

Step 1: Simply dial the USSD “1347737#” on your Mobile phone.

Step 2: Enter a valid South African ID Number and Registered Mobile number.

Step 3: Finally, you will have a status for SASSA payments.

These steps are most easy to follow by the individual seeking for his status of Grant by SASSA.

Method 3: SASSA Status Check Over Toll Free

A Toll free helps a person calling free instead of the actual price of the call. It provides customer services support line, helpline, updates. Follow the steps as given for Toll Free Status check as mentioned down:

Step 1:  Dial the Toll Free contact “O800 60 1011” of SASSA.

Step 2: Follow the instruction they will provide.

Step 3: You will have finally your SASSA Status via Toll Free.

Method 4: SASSA Status Check by Mobile Application

Checking SRD Status Grant by Mobile Application is user friendly, secure and portable. Mobile applications provide real-time updates to check their status of application. Hence, here is handy procedure given down below as:

Step 1: Open Play Store & download SASSA R350 CHECK or by using the link

Step 2: Once the application is opened, click on the status icon. 

Step 3: Enter all the requirements & submit. Step 4: You will have SMS for a status check.

Method 5: SASSA Payment Status Check Using E-mail

Using Emails we can have a paperless communication with the official firm of SASSA. As it ensures the convenience and document sharing for SASSA payments. Clearly, the quick way for getting aware of status is described further below:  

Step 1: Send an Email to [email protected] or [email protected] with “Status check” in its subject.

Step 2: Mention your ID number of South Africa and register in the main body of Email.

Step3: Also do not forget to mention “Status Check” in the Email.

You will get notified about SASSA Status Online using the above mentioned process.

Method 6: SRD R350 SASSA Status Check through Official website

The fastest, secure and easy method for SRD grant R350 is by visiting their official website. However, it includes several steps which will finally provide your status for SRD R350 Grant. Furthermore, these steps are discussed below: 

Step 1: Go to the official website of SASSA or this can be done by clicking status

Step 2: Once the official website is open, you will have a brief introduction of SASSA, an important note and some information you will need.

On the bottom of website you will find the following option:

i. South African ID Holder

ii. Asylum Seekers and special permit holder

Click on the South African ID Holder

Step 3: On clicking you will find the following options: 

i. How to apply for SRD Grant

ii. Update your grant application

iii. Application status

iv. Reconsideration status check: May 2020 to March 2022

v. Cancel my application

vi. Reinstate my cancellation application

Simply click on “Application Status” 

Step 5: Enter the ID Number & Mobile number you mentioned while you submitted your grant application. 

Step 6: Check all the information & submit it. 

Finally, you can now survey the status of your payment. Make sure you have entered correct information during submission. 

Method 7: Grant R350 SASSA Status Check through Office

Through official offices of any organization we can have technical assistance, document submission, face-to-face conversation and community engagement. On a whole, the following process will explain it in detail as:

Step 1: Visit the official offices of SASSA which are located in different areas of South Africa through Google Maps.

Step 2: Must carry your South African ID Number and Registered Mobile Number.

Step 3: The admin staff of the official office of SASSA agency will get you aware of the whole process.

Step 4: Follow the instructions they will provide and ask questions for any confusion. 

In the end, you will get your personal status of SRD Payments. 

SASSA Status Check For R350 Payment Dates

The pattern for the schedule for the year 2024 is as follows. The dates may differ from each other every month. On your South African ID and registered Mobile Number, the grants are provided. So, carefully survey the following details to get aware of the date for 2024 payments.

January3rd January, 20245th January, 20245th January, 2024
February2nd February, 20245th February, 20246th February, 2024
March5th March 20246th March, 20247th March, 2024

On the basis of various conditions, the policies are updated. Keep in mind that dates may vary from month to month. So, for better assistance keep in touch with SASSA official website for reaching upgrades at first.

SASSA R350 Grant Amounts for 2024

The South African Social Security Agency is assisting millions of people in South Africa who don’t have any other social help or support. In brief, the following is a detail for various grants for 2024 as:

Type of SASSA GrantAmount
Older Persons grantR2,090
Older Persons (75 years and older)R2,110
Disability grantR2,090
War Veterans grantR2,110
Child Support grantR510
Child Support grant (Top-up)R510 + R250
Care Dependency grantR2,090
Foster Care grantR1,130
R350 Grant (Social Relief of Distress)R350

Similarly, keep in mind that you must confirm the updated SRD payment through various resources to get an understanding of the latest policies and upgrades.

SASSA SRD Grant amount increase 2024

The SRD R350 Grant is subject to periodic increase for several reasons, reflecting changes in budgetary condition, economic improvement, human development goals, public pressure and better fulfillment of needs. On a whole, a brief detail of increase in various grants is discussed as:

Firm or AgencySASSA
CountrySouth Africa
NationalitySouth African
Eligibility age restriction18 to 60 years
Compulsory DocumentsSouth African ID and Registered Mobile number
Name of AidSRD R350 2024
DepartmentDepartment of social development
SASSA grants increase 2024 expected5% for year 2024
SASSA Payment amount 2024R350 to R2080
SASSA payment Increase 2024R510
Previous amount 2023R500

Moreover, these updates in the program may vary as per final policy or announcement by SASSA. Make sure you are getting proper news and information from different social platforms.

Check January 2024 SASSA Payments Dates

You can survey your payment every month for better updates for accuracy, budgetary considerations and change of policies. In brief, the payment for this month including Older Person Grant, Disability Grant, Children Grant and SASSA SRD payment dates is further given in the table below as:

Month                                               January
Older Person Grants3rd January, 2024
Disability Grants5th January, 2024
Children Grants5th January, 2024
SRD R350 Grants18-22 January, 2024

These dates describe the SRD payments for January 2024. In brief, keep in touch for receiving the notification, payment SASSA status check, and regular updates by the official resources of SASSA.

How To Collect/withdraw Monthly SASSA Grant Payment?

Following is the discussion on various procedure for your grant payment. SASSA has made these procedures easy, fast and secure for SRD payment. In first place, for SRD payments you must bring your South Africa ID number and registered mobile number.

Through Shoprite:

Step1: First, Visit your nearest ShopRite during 7:30am to 4Pm or Google in for better assistance.

Step2: Secondly, Bring your ID number and registered Mobile number for verification process.

Step 3: Thirdly, Submit all the requirements and you will receive an OTP for R350.

Through ATM Bank:

Step1: Visit any nearest bank like Capitec, Absa, Standard Bank and FNB.

Step 2: Bring your SASSA Gold Card and follow the instruction ATM will display to you.

Step3: Finally, withdraw your money via ATM.

Through Checkers, Pick n Pay & Boxer Store:

Step1: Firstly, visit any nearest Checkers, Pick n Pay & Boxer Stores.

Step2: Then, inquire that either they offer grant payment services.

Step3: Finally, provide ID number of you South African nationality and Registered Cell Phone Number.

Information Needed For SASSA Status Check SRD Grant

There are several methods which can be helpful to your query for SASSA status check of grant R350 by SASSA. Likewise, for better understanding all these methods are explained above. These all methods are a fast and secure way to receive guidance for SASSA SRD status. In addition, make sure you must have your:

South African ID 

Mobile Phone Number (The one you submit during grant application)

At first place, the South African ID is a proof that you belong to South Africa and are eligible for the grants. You must have your registered cell phone number because you will recive an OTP on it. In every step, you need these most important documents. So, must keep these essentials in availability.

Complaint or issues:

In case you have any issue regarding your aid then lodge an urgent complain at the contacts details given below:

Contact SASSA Toll-Free Call Centre at0800 60 10 11
Contact the SASSA Head Office:012 400 2322
Email Your queries to SASSA:[email protected]

Reasons Why Your R350 SASSA SRD Grant Declined

Some of the community may face rejection on the basis of certain conditions. It includes different terms and conditions for the decline of aid by SASSA. Keep in mind that you must belong to South Africa for availing R350 Grant of SRD. Indeed, it is crucial to understand the reasons of the rejection for stronger notice as described below:

Financial Condition:

If your financial condition was upgraded after you submitted your application for R350 Grant there may be a risk of rejection. The application may get rejected in the case if your previous information was not correct according to the database of official SASSA. So, this may lead to the process of Reapplication. Do not panic if you got rejected. In short, you can reapply through SASSA reapplication for R350 Grant.

Authentication of Verification:

The verification for the eligibility criteria is compulsory. If you are ineligible for the SRD R350 grant , then you must pass the criteria as described by SASSA. So, this verification is needed to check the individual’s ID Number of South African and other personalized details  for prevention of frauds, duplicate payments, data accuracy, reducing errors etc.

Update of Personalized Details in SASSA Status Check:

Every grant like SASSA R350 needs correct and authenticated information of individuals. So, you must provide real information about yourself. In any case of rejection there may be the reason for updating your current information such as wrong South African ID Number, information and submitted documents at database.

Program upgrades of policies:

The application may get rejected in cases like the due date of programs is extended or reduced before enrolling into the grant application process. Accordingly, the upgrades depend upon several conditions like change in aids, legislative changes, budgetary conditions etc.

Age Restriction:

Age limitation is one of the requirements of SRD 350 Grant. This condition is for getting eligible for aids, support and grants. Every aid or grant has the requirement of age limitation. SASSA SRD R350 grant is eligible to the individuals of age limit between 18 to 60 years. However, if your age has not crossed the limit mentioned by SASSA then you must update your data at official database of SASSA.

Expiration of Grants:

Every grant  like SRD R350 facilitated by any firm  has some expiration date. This deadline is provided for the ensurity to receive applications on time. So, do check with surety that your grant has expired or there is a change in the terms and condition of programs.

Cancellation of Aids:

The cancellations of Aids and grants mentions the policy changes, budget maintenance, lack of resources, budgetary conditions and other crises like any pandemic condition or low economic state of the firm. In short, keep in touch with SASSA for any news or updates. 

Replacement of Monetary Status:

The upgradation of monetary status may lead to any change in economic or current pay status. It lacks the absence of checks of the records at SASSA’s information set. It consists of different factors like resources, data, and the essentials of economic insights. A candidate can not have more income of R624 per month.

Eligibility for SASSA SRD R350 Grant

If you want to make yourself eligible for SASSA’s SRD R350 Grant, then kindly make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria, terms & conditions. So, the criteria include some factors such as income, employment status, citizenship & other relevant information. However, individuals who are verified on their database can only have the facility to avail their grants. In first place, a proper verification is required for those who are availing the grant payment. Following is a discussion on those conditions:

Age Limitation:

The age restriction for SRD R350 Grant is between 18 to 60 years as mentioned on SASSA’s official website. SASSA has set some strict financial standards. As usual most of the firm’s requirements are above 18. So, this organization also issues funds to the people above the figure of 18 years.

Nationality Restriction:

There are also some restrictions related to the nationality of the applicant. Likewise, this firm only works in South Africa and is fully funded by the Government and other private organizations. So, you must belong to South Africa for a considerable applicant.

Banking Details for SASSA Status Check:

Applicants have to receive payments in bank accounts. So, that is why you have to give your very own banking details. These details should be verified and approved by the government of South Africa.

Financial Status:

The SASSA has set some strict standards. Ones should meet the requirements of financial status. Different grants have different financial criteria. As a rule, for being a successful candidate you should provide your financial status clear cut. 

Receiving Other Funds:

In first place, if you are already receiving funds from any other governmental or private organization like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Funds) etc then you are not eligible for the SASSA grants. However, you can still apply for it and if you are proven then you have to leave your first one.

How To Cancel R350 Application?

Let’s suppose your circumstances have changed or found an alternative support and now your financial burden has released. To cancel for the R350 application I have mentioned all methods for quick cancellation. Let’s have a look below:

SASSA SRD Grant Cancellation Online

Cancelling your Sassa grant online is a simple and efficient process. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Visit the official Sassa website with your web browser’s search bar.

Step 2: Once on the Sassa website, you will find the “Apply for a Grant” section. Click on it.

Step 3: Select the option  “Click here to cancel online” option. It is located at the bottom of the Webpage.

Step 4: Enter your personalized data at cancellation application form. You’ll need to provide your personal information, including your ID number and phone number. 

Step 5: Enter the OTP pin that you will receive on your phone number.

Step 6: Recheck your cancellation form for better accurate information. 

Step 7: Submit the cancellation application.

Step 8: Finally, you will receive a confirmation message or a reference number.

In addition, cancelling  your SASSA grant online is a straightforward process, and it allows you to free up resources for those who truly need the assistance. However, if you prefer other methods, you can also cancel the grant via WhatsApp or over the phone, which we will explain in the following sections.

SASSA SRD Grant Cancellation On WhatsApp

Step 1: Save the Sassa WhatsApp number on your phone “082 046 8553”.

Step 2: Open  WhatsApp and send a message to Sassa.

Step 3: Write “Cancel SASSA R350 grant” and send it and wait for the Sassa automatic reply.

Sassa will send you a message to confirm your grant cancellation.

Step 4: Finally, you need to enter your ID number and phone number.

Now SASSA will process your SRD grant cancellation request.

Cancel the SASSA Grant Over the Phone

Step 1:  Firstly, contact on “0800 60 10 11” Sassa helpline.

Step 2:  Secondly, choose the option to talk with a Sassa agent..

Step 3:  Thirdly, ask the agent  that you want to cancel your SRD grant.

Step 4:  At last, the representative will inquire some questions to verify your identity by South African ID.

Other Grants Provided By SASSA

Child Support and Foster Child Grant:

Certainly, for receiving a child support grant it is necessary that a caretaker and a child must be a South African citizen with permanent residency. SASSA grants recognize the challenges of such families that have extremely low income and help them to deal with it with their social grants. Accordingly, for foster child grant SASSA demands that a child must be legally placed in your care, younger than 18 years and will remain in your care. The child support grant was increased from R510 to R520 recently. In addition, there is no means of testing for foster child grants.

Old Person Grant:

The financial aid of the South African government is provided to the age of 60 years of persons or older. You must be a South African citizen with a permanent residency and should not be revving any other grants by agency. In addition, the amount of SASSA social grant is R2090, for citizens older than 75 years it is R2110. Correspondingly, for a disability grant SASSA demands a medical report confirming your disability.

Disabled Persons:

Significantly, this grant is provided by SASSA to those who have any physical defect or impairment. The Disabled person grant is a grant provided by this agency. Disabled people must be under the age of 18 to 59. As well as, a mean test is also required for it. Assessment test is taken in this regard that SASSA medical practitioners take to confirm your disability. 

SASSA War Veterans Grant:

South African soldiers that have participated in the Second World War or Korean war are eligible. For this grant a citizen must be 60 years or older and must not receive any other grant. Accordingly, the SASSA war veterans grant also demands a proof certificate of service. Processing time for war veterans grants is about 3 months. So, when SASSA will approve your grant then you will start receiving it.

R350 SRD grant:

Social Relief of Distress Grant is provided by the Social Department of Distress. In addition, the individuals who have trouble due to unemployment, pandemic or lack of financial support. Moreover, this grant was temporarily implemented during COVID-19 situation for those who were suffering temporary distress by lack of support.

Care Dependency Grant:

SASSA care dependency grant is for those caretakers that have a child with severe disability and needs full time special care. Applicants whose sustainably limited daily activities are eligible. In 1994 South Africa paid 2.5 million people grants and today SASSA is paying 26 million social grants a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, applicants who are jobless and either citizens or permanent residents of South Africa between the ages of 18 and 59 are eligible.

Normally the payments are released on the 20th of each month. You can see the payment date by entering your reference number on the SASSA website.

If your sassa status shows bank details missing it means that you have entered your bank details. Attach to your bank details so you can receive your payment.

Sassa reconsideration portal is for application appeals in case your grant application was rejected.

You can get SASSA status pin through their website or SMS. You can follow the instructions in the article above or simply initiate a chat with SASSA WhatsApp Number.

Your application enters the verification period once it’s applied, SASSA will verify your details and eligibility criteria and it will be eligible if approved.

Means test is a form of verification test in south africa to check your eligibility for SASSA grants


Notably, the Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant introduced in May 2020 during the COVID-19 period. This Grant is helping millions of children’s who are financially unstable, uneducated, special care, care dependent individuals who lack any other social support. However, the survey for SASSA Status check is crucial to get aware of the position of yours for the SASSA payments. So, for the SRD R350 status check these all methods are explained in a clear way. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the agency to have proper information about any updates for grants.