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To submit your grant application for SASSA social grants, you will necessarily need an SASSA form to fill out the application process. I have provided all the forms, forms and necessary information which you will require for the SASSA application. All you need is to download these by simply clicking the download option for required SASSA grants. You can avail consent forms, affidavit, bank forms and all other documents given below for quick access, else you can also get it from the official SASSA office.

SASSA Forms of Affidavit

You can download the respective affidavit form provided below as per your SASSA grant. For convenience, we have provided all these forms in PDF format for quick application to SASSA social grants. Also, you can simply view the required SASSA Grant Affidavit Forms from below.

Affidavit for Child Support Grant

To apply for a Child Support Grant, then the given affidavit form is for download purposes. You can download it from here below. Some of your information such as personal details, marriage status, financial standings, and monetary support will be required for the SASSA Child Support Grant.

Affidavit Document for Care Dependency Grant

Here is an affidavit form for the SASSA Care Dependency Grant. You can download it in just 2 clicks. Your personal information will be required in the SASSA affidavit form. Also, marital status, financial balance or support will be required. You can download it from below.

Affidavit for SASSA Foster Child Grant

To apply for the Foster Child Grant of SASSA, you can download it from below. All you need is to download it in order to complete your SASSA grant application process. You must have legal proof from the court that you are the foster parent of this child. Hence, if the child is legally placed as the foster child of yours then you will be able to get this SASSA grant.

SASSA Affidavit for Old Age Grant

To apply for the SASSA Old Age Grant, you can download it from below. All you need is a simple click to fill out your SASSA application. Also, you can get this form from SASSA’s official office but that will require waiting in a long queue. So, simply download it from below.

Affidavit Form for SASSA Disability Grant

To apply for your SASSA Disability Grant, you can simply download and fill out the given form. Some of your personal information such as the status of marriage will also be required for it. Also, a mean test will be taken in this regard to ensure that the candidate is eligible or not.

SASSA Affidavit for Grant in Aid

For applying to the SASSA Grant in Aid, then the given form is provided to fill. Also, your personal information will be required for it. A Grant in Aid is an additional grant you will require along with your SASSA social grant. You can easily download it from the below.

Other Required SASSA Forms

Given below are some of the required SASSA forms which you will need for various procedures such as reapplication, appeal form, SASSA medical assessment form and SASSA eForms. We have given all these, so you can download it from below.

Consent Form for SASSA Bank Payment

To receive your SASSA grant payments directly into your bank account then you will be required to fill this form. The Consent form for SASSA Bank Payment is given below.

SASSA Reapplication Form

You will need a SASSA reapplication form in case you have not applied for SASSA grants within the deadline. In any case, if you are not eligible for the SASSA grant payment, then you can download the form provided below.

SASSA Reconsideration Form

If you want SASSA to reconsider its decision of grant rejection then you will need to fulfill the given form. This form is filled out in the case when your grant has been rejected by the SASSA. You can download it from here.

SASSA Appeal Form

A SASSA appeal is submitted by those whose grants were rejected due to certain reasons. An SASSA appeal is a hope to millions of rejected candidates. In any case, to grant at SASSA appeal you will require the form provided below.

SASSA Medical Assessment Referral Form

If you are a beneficiary of the SASSA Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, Grant in Aid or any other grant then you will require this form to show your medical condition. Simply under 2 clicks, you can download the form given.

SASSA eForms

In order to download an online SASSA application then here we have provided the SASSA eForms below for quick download. Here you can access as.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily download the SASSA forms online for your SASSA application to get social grant payments by the SASSA. All these are easily available online for easy, quick and hurdles application of SASSA social grants.

We have provided the SASSA form for the SASSA application procedure. You can easily download it from our website. All you need is to click on the respective SASSA form and click on the download icon. You can also view the SASSA form or download it in PDF format.

Yes, definitely! You can download the SASSA eForm online from our website. Just by clicking the download icon of the desired SASSA social grant. Also, the option of SASSA form view is available for simply having a view at desired SASSA form.


With SASSA online form you can quickly perform the SASSA application process. It is an easy process for applying to the SASSA social grants for grant payments. We have provided all the forms you will need for SASSA’s various procedures like appeal, reapplication, reconsideration and many more. You can download the respective form for the SASSA social grant as per your requirement. All you need is to simply click on the download icon and fill it with your personalized and necessary information.

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