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SASSA Update Contact Details

The phone number of a SASSA candidate is a medium through which communication is done between the SASSA agency and its applicants. Also, it allows SASSA candidates to get connected with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). In any case, if your details are not correct then there may be a chance of SASSA grant rejection. Moreover, all you need is to update your SASSA application because it is the only way to increase your chance for SASSA grant payment. Here are all the methods discussed to solve your SASSA change phone number problem.

SASSA Change Phone Number Without Application ID

Nowadays, the world has become too fast! Everyone is trying to get a quick solution for their problems. Accordingly, for the beneficiaries of SASSA, it is compensation to have their updated contact information which includes their unique phone number. In case, you are looking for an easy update on your SASSA contact details, then here is a complete guidance in steps:

  • Click on SASSA official website
  • Now enter your updated phone number and personal email 
  • Mention your South African ID with your 6-Digit specific ID of SASSA application provided by SASSA.
  • Enter “Submit” icon
  • Now, enter your new contact number
  • You will receive OTP code using SMS
  • Enter the OTP in the desired area and enter the “Submit” icon.

SASSA Change Phone Number with Application ID

The process of SASSA phone number change can be done easily with the help of the given method. Update your SASSA contact details as it is the mean to get in contact with SASSA for grant payments. Accordingly, the given process is for those SASSA applicants who are looking for an easy SASSA phone number change with an application ID. Here, the process is an easy method for you to follow:

  • Go to the official SASSA website
  • Now, scroll to the end of website if you are South African citizen or permit ID seeker and simply press “Proceed to Next”
  • Click on “SASSA Application Status” 
  • Now, Press “Click here to check online” icon after it.
  • Mention your South African ID number
  • Enter the “Submit” icon.
  • Now, enter your previous/outdated phone number

Now and you can simply use it to change your contact details for SASSA.

SASSA Change Phone Number via Toll-Free Call Centre

A Toll-Free facility is provided to everyone and is internet-free as well. Additionally, the SASSA candidates can take advantage of the facility as it does not have internet connectivity. Also, a Toll-Free is important in creating easy resources to contact with SASSA applicants. Hence, to change your SASSA phone number to Toll-Free, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: First, dial 0800 60 10 11 on your cell phone.

Step 2: Second, ask SASSA representative to change your SASSA contact details.

SASSA Change Phone Number by SASSA Email Address

A SASSA email is another resource to update your SASSA details of personal phone numbers. Also, this update is to get your SASSA payment, or else you will not be able to get it. Moreover, make sure that you have provided an updated and latest phone number while updating the procedure mentioned below:

  • Write an email to [email protected] 
  • Mention your personal South African ID, old phone number, new contact details and ask for SASSA to change the phone number.

SASSA Contact Details change via Office

To update your SASSA contact details, all you need is to provide your latest and personal cell phone. Aldo, this can also be done with the help of the SASSA official office. Now, visit the official SASSA office and follow these steps:   

Step 1: First, visit any nearest SASSA office or browse it on Google.

Step 2: Second, talk to the official SASSA representative and ask for change number.

Step 3: Third, provide your personal South African ID, Previous cell phone number, new phone number.

Required Documents To Update SASSA Contact Details

If you want to update SASSA contact details then there are some must have documents you need for the updation process. Hence, these documents includes your:

  • Old Registered Number
  • New Registered Number
  • South African ID number

Frequently Asked Questions

First, visit the official SASSA website. Then, press “Proceed to Next”. Click on “SASSA Application Status”. Now, “Click here to check online”. Now, mention your ID of South Africa and enter the “Submit” icon.

At first, visit the SASSA official website. Secondly, enter your updated information. Thirdly, mention your South African ID and application ID. Accordingly, press “Submit”. Fourthly, provide your new and latest information of contact details. Then, You will get an OTP, put it in the desired location and press the “Submit” icon.

To proceed with SASSA Change Phone Number, all you have to do is provide your personal South African ID, and previous cell phone number and do not forget to provide your latest and updated information at the updation process of SASSA.

A Toll-Free is an easy way to make your update in SASSA contact details. All you need is to contact 0800 60 10 11 on your cell phone Now, Ask the SASSA representative if you want to change your SASSA contact details. The SASSA official agent will provide you with all the details for the SASSA phone number change.


A SASSA Change phone number is a process of changing your SASSA phone number from the previous one to a new one. Additionally, If you are looking for a SASSA change phone number then this article is a complete guide for you. Also, You can easily update your SASSA phone number to get your grant payment. Moreover, ensure that your documents are correct, updated and latest.

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