Block SASSA Card with this Step-by-Step Guide

If your SASSA card has been stolen or misplaced then immediately block the SASSA card to protect against any fraudulent and mischievous activity that can take your access from the SASSA social grant. You can simply block with the help of the provided process given by us below. As a priority, block your SASSA card to avoid any scammer unethically using your social grant payment. 

We have provided all the solutions for the problem of blocking the SASSA card and also the methods to get your SASSA payment even when you do not have access to your SASSA card. One must carry all his essentials including one personal phone number and one South African ID number to ensure that you are the owner of the SASSA Card and the South African Identity holder as well. 

Required Documents for the Block of SASSA Card 

Few documents you will require to report the incident of the SASSA Card being stolen or lost. You will need the following personalized documents of yours to block your SASSA card. Must have these essentials to get your SASSA card to proceed with the following methods. 

  • Your South African ID card
  • Your Passport Number as per Asylum Seeker / Permit Seeker/refugee etc
  • Your SASSA Registered Mobile Phone Number
  • Transaction History of your SASSA Cards
  • Proof of Resident
  • Report Case Number of your SASSA Card

The above are the important data of yours which will be needed to report to the official South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) with the process which is further elaborated below down. 

Method to Block Your SASSA Card

If it is assumed that your SASSA card has been lost and you are completely unable to find it. We have described the methods below to urgently block your SASSA card in the easy steps below. Make sure that you have all the above-required documents mentioned in the article. We have provided 3 methods for you to block the SASSA card. You can choose the one which suits you most conveniently. 

Method 1: SASSA Card Block via SASSA Helpline

An easy and most effective method to block SASSA cards is with the help of the SASSA helpline facility. It is provided to the SASSA candidates to seek any assistance to get fascinated by the social grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Dial the SASSA Helpline 

At first, you entered the SASSA helpline as 0800 601 011. After this, You will receive a voice message with the options to choose from. Enter 1 to call the SASSA agent.

Step 2: Request to Block Your SASSA Card 

Now, it’s time to ask the SASSA agent to block your SASSA card to avoid any future scams or fraudulent activity.     

Step 3: Verify the Process 

After the process, you have to explain your personalized reason for blocking your SASSA card with the help of explaining your genuine story. Do let the SASSA representative tell the exact story that happened to you. Then ask for the SASSA Card block.  

Method 2: Block SASSA Card via SASSA Office

One can block his SASSA Card immediately by visiting the SASSA office immediately. You can also browse the nearest SASSA office of yours during its opening hours. If you are looking to block your SASSA card then the given method will assist you with the easy steps.  

Step 1: Visit the SASSA office

As mentioned above, you have to visit the official SASSA office on an urgent basis to get your SASSA card blocked. Must ensure that the SASSA office is open when you are visiting it. Also, you can use the browser to view the location of the nearest SASSA office. Must bring all your required documents which include your South African ID number and your registered mobile phone number. 

Step 2: Ask the SASSA agent to block your SASSA card 

Now, it’s time to block your SASSA card. Do let them know that you are here to block your card provided by the SASSA on an urgent basis for the reason that it’s been lost or stolen by someone. 

Step 3: Verify your identification and provide the genuine reason

At last, you have to verify your identity with various steps which will be taken by the SASSA representative. Also, you will be asked for the genuine reason for the SASSA card block. Explain your real reason for the card block and where it is gone. 

After the block of the card, your all SASSA social grant payment amounts will be saved from any fraudulent or scam activity. Ensure that you have properly followed these steps to report your SASSA card. 

Method 3: SASSA Card Block with E-mail to the Post Bank

In any case, if the above two methods are not as per your convenience then you can use the method of e-mail to the post bank of the SASSA. All you have to do is write an email to the SASSA with the provided email address as [email protected]. Write all your reasons for blocking the SASSA card. Also, include your personal required details such as South African ID number and the registered mobile phone number, ID of the application, Police Report File Number and other necessary details. 

How to know that my SASSA card is blocked? 

This can be confirmed by contacting the helpline of the SASSA once again or also another option is by visiting the SASSA office. After informing them, they will let you know about the situation whether it’s been blocked or not. 

How will I get my SASSA grant after the blocked SASSA card?

You can get your SASSA grant payment after even not having the SASSA card. With the following methods, you can get your SASSA SRD R350 payment from the method given by us as follows: 

  • Use SASSA services such as ABSA, FNB and the Standard Back
  • SASSA OTP Withdrawal
  • With SASSA Bank Account

These are methods from which you can withdraw your SASSA social grant amount payment. One must carry all his essentials including a South African ID number and a Registered Mobile phone to get SASSA payment. 


In any case of a SASSA card misplaced or stolen, you have to block the SASSA card immediately. With a quick card block, you will not allow any fraudulent person or individual to use your access to the SASSA grant payment. With the methods provided by us, you can easily become aware of the block of the SASSA card in a quick one go. Must carry all your essentials to get your access back to you. 


  1. How to block SASSA cards?

You can block your SASSA card with various methods provided by SASSA. All SASSA candidates can choose the one which suits them most. The methods include the SASSA card block with the technique of E-mail to the post bank, SASSA office or the SASSA helpline. These are methods that can be used to block SASSA cards. 

  1. How to block SASSA cards by helpline? 

Dial the SASSA helpline at 0800 601 011 Request to block the SASSA card of yours and at last verify your instructions by the proper process. All you need is to provide your SASSA data to the SASSA representative to block your card on an urgent basis. Must explain the genuine reason of yours. 

  1. How to block SASSA cards from the SASSA office? 

Priority, you have to visit the SASSA office immediately after the SASSA card misplacement. Then, the next step is to ask the SASSA agent if you want to block your SASSA card. After this, all you need is to verify your identity which includes a few verification processes. At last, you will be asked for a genuine reason for the SASSA block for the misplacement of the card. 

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