SASSA Status Pending

SASSA Pending Status

If you are a beneficiary of SASSA and getting “Pending” at your SASSA Status Check, then do not be confused. We have elaborated every single detail for “SASSA Pending Status”. Don’t panic! Here is a detailed solution to your problem with easy and quick steps. Follow the given process for every guideline to solve your pending status in the SASSA Status Check.

What does SASSA Status Pending mean?

It refers to that your grant is not approved yet by the SASSA. It means that your SASSA application is under approval due to certain reasons. The reason may include the time by SASSA for verification of its candidates. During this time, the proper investigation of every SASSA candidate is made.

Your “Pending” status of SASSA shows that your grant is not accepted and not either rejected by SASSA. It typically refers to when your application or request for SASSA grants is pending. It reflects the situation that you have submitted your application but SASSA hasn’t accepted the application.

Reasons of SASSA Status Pending

If you are a beneficiary of SASSA grants but getting pending at your SASSA status check then all you have to do is simply get aware of the reasons for SASSA pending status. These are some common issues one can face while getting pending status during approval of the application. Look below in the described details for more guidance and grip in understanding. The reason may include:

Document Verification For SASSA Status Pending

SASSA takes proper time while approving one’s application for SASSA social grants. All provided documents and information are verified at the SASSA database to prevent any fraudulent or mischief activity. Also, ineligible candidates can be removed with proper verification of the provided information in your SASSA application. To maximize the impact of SASSA grants, the South African Social Security Agency makes sure that the resources are fascinating for the right people only.

Change in Financial Condition

Let’s suppose you have applied for an SASSA application and your status is showing pending then there may be a chance that your current financial status has been improved and changed. And you are now monetary stable to some extent. SASSA may be showing pending status due to improvement on your SASSA status. To greater the impact of aid, SASSA is committed only to helping needy and helpless candidates.

Reviewing Eligibility

As mentioned above, a specific period is taken by SASSA to inquire about the candidate’s background, financial support and current monetary status. If in any case, you have any other funds like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) or any other grant then you will not be able to get your SASSA application approved. As discussed above, SASSA reviews your eligibility by proper verification. If you are declared eligible then you can start getting your grant not if declared ineligible then you will not get your approval for the SASSA grant.

Issues in SASSA system

The reason for SASSA’s pending status may include the issue in the system or database of SASSA. Also, network issues may be the reason for your pending status. Any delay in application approval also reflects the disturbance in the computerized system of SASSA. All you have to do is to wait patiently or you can also contact SASSA representatives. You will get complete guidance for pending SASSA status which can be helpful to understand the whole scenario.

Incomplete Application

If your SASSA application was incomplete or consisted of any missing document then you will get pending status for the SASSA application. All you are recommended is to go to the SASSA application portal and simply complete your application. Ensure that all provided information is correct and up to date. Otherwise, there will be a risk in not approving of SASSA grant payment.

How To Solve My SASSA Pending Status?

If you are getting “Pending” at your SASSA status check then do not worry! We have mentioned the solution for you in simple steps below. The given guidelines can help you to get your SASSA grants. Make sure that you have all the required documents.

Recheck Provided Details

If you have applied for a SASSA grant and are getting “Pending status” then all you have to do is simply check all the provided details which you have provided in your SASSA grant application. Simply, open the SASSA portal on the browser and recheck all the entered details. Sometimes, SASSA takes more time due to false information which a SASSA candidate entered while requesting a grant application. So, all you have to do is go and recheck your submitted information in your application.

Provide Missing Documents If SASSA Status Pending

Let’s suppose you have entered all the correct information and still getting “pending” on your status then it may refer to the situation of missing documents. It reflects when you have submitted your SASSA grant application but mistakenly forgot to enter all the necessary details which were compensation in it. All you need is to simply go to your SASSA application on an online portal and check whether all the information which was needed is entered. If in any case of missing information, do fill it out to ensure that your “pending” status is removed.

Contact SASSA

If you have “pending” on your status and seeking any help or guidance then you have to simply contact SASSA with official means. These resources may include email, the official website, USSD or the SASSA head office located in your city. When you contact SASSA, you will get all clearance in your concerns for “pending” SASSA status. Hence, simply contact SASSA with authentic resources and inquire your questions regarding SASSA’s pending status for getting fascinated by SASSA.

Be Patient If showing SASSA Status Pending

Sometimes, candidates want quick approval of their SASSA application. During the specific time which is taken by SASSA, they usually do not wait and keep checking their SASSA status every day. Patience is the key once your application is submitted. All SASSA applicants are recommended to be patient during this period. SASSA will take its specific time and will inform its applicants soon with the help of SASSA status check. So, all you need is to be humble while SASSA approves your grant application.

Ask for help to SASSA Representative

You can officially talk with any SASSA official agent or representative about your concerns with SASSA’s pending status. Mention your issue in complete detail and take all the key points from the SASSA agent for tackling this situation. Ensure that you have provided all correct details to the SASSA agent so that there might not be any chance of misconception or communication gap. Every SASSA candidate can communicate with the official representative of SASSA  for a better approach to SASSA grant receiving.

What is SASSA Status Check?

A SASSA Status Check is used to examine the current standings of your status at SASSA. This process can lead to peace of mind, management of risk and also future predictions. It assists in timely solutions to any future risk and reflects the planning of finance. It allows South African candidates of SASSA to be aware of the status of SASSA social grants. All you have to do is enter your cell phone number and South African ID.

How do I perform my SASSA Status Check?

To check your SASSA status, you can easily go under these steps for a quick and hurried overview of SASSA status. To monitor your status for SASSA, assist in the protection of misuse activities with constant overviewing of your social grant standing. It gives the current latest and updated situation of your SASSA status.

How long does the SASSA Application take?

In most of the cases, the time taken by SASSA is 60-90 days for the approval of one’s application. Every SASSA application goes through the proper process of verification of provided information. However, it may vary from candidate to candidate. And also, it depends upon the processing of the system. In short, the time taken by SASSA is 2-3 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are getting pending at your SASSA status check then it means that your SASSA application is under review. Which refers to the time taken by SASSA for proper verification of your grant application. All candidates are recommended to wait patiently during the period to get approval for SASSA Status Check.

It means that your grant is not approved yet. It is not either accepted/approved, not even rejected. All you have to do is wait patiently until SASSA grants approval. A proper time is required by SASSA to verify that the applicant candidate is an eligible and needy person who lacks any other financial support like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund).

For the SASSA Status check, you need your South African ID number and registered cell phone number which you submitted while using the SASSA application. These two are the most crucial information you will need in every step. So, ensure that these documents are with your SASSA status check or any other procedure.

The reason may include a lack of necessary information. This means SASSA candidates have applied for social grants but his/her necessary information is incomplete. In any case, like missing information, all you have to do is simply visit the SASSA official application portal and recheck all the entered information.


A SASSA pending status is not a big deal. All you have to do is to check that your provided information is correct or not by visiting their official SASSA application portal. Some reasons for pending status may include delay in the verification process or speed of the system. But, all candidates are recommended to wait patiently during this tenure of 2-3 months.

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