What is SASSA? A Complete Introduction

SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency, founded in 2005 which is a leading granting agency in South Africa with the assistance of over 40% to its people in the shape of SASSA payments and grant amounts. This is the agency with a diverse history of helping poor, needy people who lack the social support and any financial assistance. With a great impact lasting a journey of 19 years, the SASSA is committed to help its South African community as well fare for human kinds. 

The SASSA grants act as a source of financial stability for the millions of needy people who are unable to even afford their basic needs including healthcare, clothing, education and lifestyle. This firm is the bridge between the people and the SASSA for providing them initiatives in terms of these SASSA payments. The SASSA SRD R350 grant has served over 10.5 million South Africans similar to other grants like SASSA Child Support grant, Foster Child grant, Care Dependency and SASSA Old Age grant etc. 

Importance of SASSA

The importance of the SASSA grant is clearly elaborated that this granting agency is the largest firm in South Africa which is determined to better the lifestyle of its people. Millions of people are getting fascinated by the SASSA as it is the main source of income of the people. This firm is committed to provide aid to the people. Includingly, SRD R350 which is one of its prominent features and grants. Every year it provides aid to almost half percent of its people in the term of the SASSA payment.  Its crucial existence involves the various grants such as SASSA Child Support grant, Foster Child grant, Care Dependency and SASSA Old Age grant etc.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA

The certain eligibility criteria is set by the SASSA in order to distinguish between every SASSA applicant. This criteria sets a border between every SASSA candidate by making applicants eligible with a proper means test which includes your financial status, disability and monetary conditions To get fascinated by the SASSA payments you have to pass a mean test which is conducted by the agency itself to determine the eligibility of SASSA applicants. Various grants include their own specific eligibility criteria and passing criteria. Few essential for having SASSA payment includes your South African ID number and the Registered Mobile Number. 

SASSA Application 

A SASSA application is the process through which you can apply for the SASSA grant in order to avail the SASSA payment. This is for the proof of your application in the SASSA grant program. All you need is to simply follow the given process which includes two essentials as a South African ID number and registered Mobile phone number. Must activate these documents for the SASSA application process. Here’s the process as: 

Step 1: Visit the official SASSA website of the SASSA 

Step 2: Select “Social Grants” to choose the desired SASSA grant 

Step 3: Fill up the grant application and mention your information in it. 

Step 4: Certify a printed SASSA-generated affidavit from the Commissioner of the Oath 

Step 5: Sign the “Bank Payment” document and submit it

Step 6: Upload the required documents in PDF format

Step 7: Enter the “Submit” option

The above provided is the SASSA application process for the SASSA applicants to get their SASSA grant payment amounts. You can simply follow the steps which are given above. 

SASSA Mean Test

A SASSA means test is conducted to distinguish the eligibility of the SASSA applicants to provide grants and aid only to the needy, poor people who lack any support in their finances and households. If one gets eligible by the SASSA then he will start receiving his SASSA payment. Various SASSA grants include the different statuses of the SASSA mean test, such as for the SASSA disability grant, the applicant must be disabled to get fascinated by the SASSA. This activity can prevent any fraudulent activity or any misuse of the SASSA grants. 

SASSA Status Check

A SASSA Status Check is the method to check the current status of your SASSA application once it’s been submitted by you. You can become aware of the SASSA status by viewing it with the help of some easy steps given below. We have written the SASSA status check method to assist you in the process of the SASSA grants payment amount. You can simply follow the given process which is provided as:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the SASSA or search it on Google. 

Step 2: Once the website is opened, click on the South African Asylum Seeker 

Step 3: After that, you will get certain options, choose the “Application Status” 

Step 4: Enter the South African ID number and the registered mobile phone number. 

Step 5: Recheck all the information and “Submit” it. 

SASSA Status Meaning

During the process of the SASSA status check, you may get various statuses such as pending, denied, failed and approved etc. In order to have a better approach in the SASSA status check to get your SASSA grants, you must make sure that you have read all these details. Must get aware of the  You can check the meaning of these as provided by us in a detail with a brief description as: 

SASSA Pending Status

The SASSA pending status shows that your SASSA grant is pending due to certain reasons which include the duplication of application, lack of eligibility or verification, and improvement in the current standings of the financial conditions. All you need is to contact SASSA to inquire about the situation and solution for it.  

SASSA Failed Status

The Failed Status is displayed when your SASSA grant has failed due to ineligibility, fraudulent activity and duplication of the application. Now the solution for it is to appeal to SASSA in this regard. This process is aimed at rejected SASSA applicants to get their grant payment offered by the SASSA. You will require the South African ID number and the registered Mobile Phone number. 

SASSA Approved Status

This SASSA status is shown when your grant SASSA application has been approved by the official SASSA. Fortunately, you can get your SASSA payment now with the help of a withdrawal. All you need is to choose any of the methods from the Usave, Checkers, Boxers, Pick n’ Pay Post Office etc. The SASSA approved status displayed that your SASSA application for the grant has been accepted. 

SASSA Information Required

The SASSA Information Required is when you haven’t entered the SASSA information which includes the South African ID number and the registered mobile phone number. All you need is to put the required information in the desired locations else you will get the “Information Required” error. Additionally, you can not continue to get the SASSA status check of yours until you have provided all the required information which is compensation for the SASSA status check. 

SASSA Appeal

The appeal SASSA is the method through which you can get the appeal to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), once after getting rejected. This is the hope for the millions of South African applicants who got rejected due to certain reasons which may be undefined. You can appeal to SASSA if your grant was rejected by the SASSA and you feel that this decision is incorrect. The process for the SASSA appeal can lead to the grant approval and the needy, poor 

people can get fascinated by the SASSA grant amount payment. The process only involves few steps which are mentioned below for your better understanding as: 

Step 1: Goto the official website of the SASSA or browse it on the Google 

Step 2: Enter your South African ID number and registered Mobile Number

Step 3: Enter the OTP you received at your mobile phone 

Step 4: Choose a month which you are appealing to the SASSA 

Step 5: Write your personal reason for the SASSA appeal 

Step 6: Enter the “‘submit” icon at last. 

Now, you have lodged an SASSA appeal and it will take 90 days. So, you have to wait for 2-3 months to get your SASSA grant payment amount. 

SASSA Payment Dates

The SASSA payments dates are announced on the official means of the SASSA website. The given below are the dates in the official website of the SASSA and are genuine. However, these dates may change as per the update or the schedule of the SASSA. Here below are the dates for the SASSA payments. 

MonthDisability GrantOlder Person GrantChildren Grant
April-20235, April, 20234, April, 20236, April, 2023
May4, May, 20233, May, 20235, May, 2023
June5, June, 20232, June, 20236, June, 2023
July5, July, 20234, July, 20236, July, 2023
August3, August, 20232, August, 20234, August, 2023
September6, September, 20235, September, 20237, September, 2023
October4, October, 20233, October, 20235, October, 2023
November3, November, 20232, November, 20236, November, 2023
December4, December, 20231, December, 20235, December, 2023
January-20244, January, 20233, January, 20235, January, 2023
February-20245, February, 20232, February, 20236, February, 2023
March-20236, March, 20235, March, 20237, March, 2023
SASSA Payment Dates

Types of SASSA Grants

A few SASSA grants are discussed below including the SASSA Child Grant, SASSA Foster Child Grant, SASSA Disability Grant and the SASSA SRD R350 Grant.

Also, there are various SASSA grants which are for the assistance of the South African people by providing them with financial support. SASSA Child Support grant is for the support of disabled children whose parents are unable to afford the basic needs of their children.

The SASSA Foster Child grant is for children who are legally placed with their foster parents. The SASSA Disability grant is for disabled children who have impairments in their bodies. Or any person with a temporary or physical defect in the body.

The SRD R350 is one of the most famous and common grants as well which is helping millions of the South African people. Additionally, the War Veteren’s grant is for the people who fought in the Korean War or the Second World War and are Disabled. 


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) acts as a gateway to the financial stability of South Africans who are unable to fulfill their basic needs. This agency is committed to enhancing the monetary condition of the people. Almost half of its population is getting assistance from the SASSA social grants. Also, the diverse number of its various grants acts as a helping hand to the disabled, foster, war veterans, and temporary/permanently impaired people. Also, the SRD R350 is one of the famous grants of the SASSA which is helping most of the South African people. 


  1. What is SASSA? A Complete Introduction?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) acts as a leading granting agency in South Africa. It is committed to growing the monetary health of its South African people and also the financial conditions. The SASSA candidates can take advantage of this grant through the SASSA application process. 

  1. How to enroll for the SASSA program?

You can get enrolled in the SASSA program by first visiting your SASSA website. Choose the “Social Grant” option. Then, select the desired SASSA grant. Now, fill out the application and provide the required details in it. Then, Certify a printed SASSA-generated affidavit from the Commissioner of the Oath. After that, Sign the “Bank Payment” document and submit it

  1. What is the SASSA appeal? 

A SASSA appeal is the process with the help of which you can appeal the SASSA decision of the grant rejection. It is the process after which there may be chances of yours to get the SASSA grant payment amount. You can appeal to SASSA if you feel that the SASSA decision is not correct.

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