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Are you a beneficiary of SASSA social payments and applied for an SASSA status check but unfortunately you got rejected on your status check? Confused about what to do next? No worries! Here below we have all the solutions for your problem of SASSA status being rejected. All you need is to simply follow the procedure for the best approach in the SASSA appeal.

The SASSA appeal is the method to simply solve the problem of the rejection of the SASSA application at the SASSA status. If you meet all the requirements provided by SASSA then you are only supposed to follow the appeal SASSA process mentioned below. We have given easy steps for you to follow. Also, we have provided all the related information in detail so that if you have any confusion regarding the SASSA appeal then you can simply solve it.

Reason for SASSA Status Rejected 

To solve the situation of grant rejection at the SASSA status check there are some reasons to have a better understanding and recognition of the exact reason for grant rejection. We have provided all the expected reasons which can be also yours to let you have a comprehension of the situation of the SASSA appeal.

Change in Monetary Status

If you have applied for the SASSA application and you are getting “Rejected” in your SASSA status check then one of the reasons may be that your financial circumstances have changed a lot since you applied for the SASSA application. This is the situation in cases when you get monetary support after applying for a SASSA application. In that situation, you have to face rejection and you need to do a quick SASSA appeal process.

SASSA Status Rejected Due to Inaccurate Information

In any case, if your SASSA application is rejected then the reason may be that the information you provided in the application is incorrect. Elaborating the point future any false or inaccurate information will lead to the rejection of SASSA grant payment at your SASSA status check. This must be in mind that SASSA grants are only for the needy people and those who enter any false information will face rejection.

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to every social grant this grant is also for only needy people who are facing any financial hardships and lack of social support. The main purpose of these grants is to improve the living conditions of people. So, SASSA is also for the benefit of its people and any ineligible SASSA candidate will not get it. Only eligible applicants of SASSA can apply who meet the certain requirements set by the SASSA. If you are not meeting the requirements given by the SASSA then you will face SASSA status rejection with no doubt.

Duplication of SASSA application

In any case, if you have applied more than once for the SASSA application then this will also lead to SASSA status being rejected. The reason is that those who apply for SASSA application twice just to get double payment will be marked as fraudulent activity. Make sure that you apply for the SASSA application only once and ensure that in only the first application you have entered the correct information and provided all the latest and updated information.

SASSA Status Rejected Due to Missing Information

Any missing information in the application of SASSA will lead to the rejection of SASSA grant payment. The reason is that the official database of the SASSA will not be able to recognize the correct information with the data you provided in the application. While granting the SASSA application you have to make sure that there is no missing information you entered. If you have incomplete information then you will not be able to get the SASSA social grant payments.

Network issues

If there is a network issue from any of the sides, especially SASSA, then you will get SASSA grant rejection. The network issue includes weather conditions or other circumstances like errors from the internet community will also lead to the scenario of grant rejection. For this, it must be in mind that you have a good internet connection while having SASSA status check. Also, ensure that there is no issue with the SASSA official database. 

Rejection Due To Verification Failure

In any case, if your verification fails in the database of the official SASSA then you will not be able to get the SASSA grant payment. To avail of the SASSA social grants then you must have to pass the eligibility criteria set by the SASSA. It includes a proper mean test in which your current financial status and circumstances distinguishes you for the SASSA grant payment.

Delayed SASSA Application

The reason for the SASSA status rejected may include the delayed application for the SASSA grant amount. There is a specified time by the SASSA for rejected applicants to apply for the SASSA application to take the benefit of the grant. In any scenario of a delayed SASSA application, you will not get the amount by the SASSA. So, ensure that you are applying for the SASSA application on time. Else, you will get a rejection. In short, the delayed application will be the reason for the SASSA status rejected.

How to Appeal if SASSA Status Rejected?

The given process will guide you through the SASSA appeal process in complete guidance and easy steps. The appeal SASSA is a hope to the millions of rejected candidates who are struggling to get any grant amount payment. The appeal is a reason for rejected applicants of the SASSA to receive their SASSA payment. So, for your convenience, we have provided the SASSA appeal in the process given below:

Go to the SASSA appeal portal: First, you have to visit the official website of the SASSA appeal to proceed with the appeal SASSA process. You can browse it simply on Google or click appeal.

Provide your personal information: Secondly, you have to enter your personal information South African ID number and personal phone number which is registered on the official database of the SASSA. These are some important personal information which will be required in the SASSA appeal.

Get and enter the OTP Code: After the entry of the correct information, you will get a unique OPT code for entry. Enter that OTP code in the desired place.

Choose the month for the SASSA appeal: You have to select the month for SASSA appeal among various choices. Choose the correct month for which you are applying.

Submit Your Appeal: Finally, submit your SASSA appeal by pressing the “Submit” icon given there. Now, your appeal SASSA process for the SASSA grant rejected at the SASSA status check is completed.

SASSA Appeal Status Check

The SASSA appeal status check is similar to ordinary SASSA status check. It lets you get aware of your SASSA status check of the SASSA appeal. This is the facility provided by the SASSA to get aware of the current standing of the SASSA appeal. It is provided to get risk management and peace of mind. And also allows SASSA applicants to manage any risk in the financial standings of their status. Here is the easy process for the SASSA appeal status check. We have entered the guidance for you below:

Visit the official SASSA appeal status check portal

First, you have to visit the SASSA appeal status check on Google. This is the very first step for the SASSA appeal to check the status of yours.

Log in with your credentials

Now, after opening the website you have to log in with your credentials. Which includes your South African ID and Registered mobile number.

Get the OTP Code

You will get an OTP code on the registered mobile phone number. This is a unique OTP code that you have to enter into the desired place at the SASSA appeal lodge. Ensure that the entered OTP code is correct.

Enter your ID and registered phone number

Now, for the SASSA status check of the SASSA appeal, provide your SA ID number and the mobile number.

Select Check Appeal Status

Now, you have to select the “Check Appeal Status” given there on the SASSA appeal lodge. This will help you to check the appeal status for the SASSA grant payment.

Enter the “Search” option

Finally, you have to enter the “Search” icon. It is provided there so that you can finally check your SASSA appeal status. After this, you will get the final status of the grant payment from the SASSA.

Time and Deadline for SASSA Appeal Processing 

The time taken by the SASSA is 90 days. In this period SASSA has to check the verification of your status. For only fascinating needy, poor people, this grant takes some steps to distinguish the category of every single applicant. By taking proper verification process SASSA can verify candidates that you are either eligible or not eligible for it. You will get your SASSA appeal result after this specific time by the SASSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason for the SASSA status rejected may include missing information, false documents, criminal record, change in monetary condition and delayed application process. However, the reason may be undefined in some cases. All you have to do is to lodge an SASSA appeal as soon as possible after facing SASSA grant rejection.

First, you have to visit the official SASSA appeal website on the Google browser. Then, you have to provide your personal information including your South African ID and registered number. After that, you will get an OTP on your mobile phone. Now, you have to choose the month in which you are lodging an SASSA appeal. Finally, enter the “Submit” icon at the last.

First, you have to visit the official SASSA appeal website. Then, log in with your credentials including your South African ID number and registered mobile number. You will get a unique OTP code which you have to enter to the desired location on the website. After this provide your information and then click “check status appeal”. Finally, you have to click the “Search “ icon.

Normally, the time taken by the SASSA appeal to give results is 90 days. At this time SASSA verifies every candidate by properly checking the verification process. The eligibility and verification of every candidate is checked for only the fascination of the needy SASSA applicants in South Africa.

You will get the OTP code on your registered mobile phone number of yours. This is the number which you provided for submitting your SASSA grant application. Also, this is the unique code you will get on your mobile which is confidential as well. Ensure the correct entry of the OTP code in the desired location.


SASSA status rejected has a solution which is SASSA appeal with the help of applying. The process is very easy and includes a few steps as we have described above. An appeal SASSA is the hope for the millions of SASSA candidates who have faced rejection due to certain reasons with the help of this you will get the solution for the SASSA appeal process. Make sure that you have entered all the correct information in the SASSA appeal.

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