SASSA Change Banking Details For R350

SASSA Change Banking Details

The candidate of SRD R350 who is looking for SASSA banking details update for eligibility, meeting requirements, avoiding payment issues, technical upgrades, administrative changes and notifications, then this article will help you to get complete guidance. For the beneficiary of SRD Grant 2024, We have mentioned easy steps to be followed to SASSA Change Banking Details For R350.

Step-by-Step Guide For SASSA SRD Banking Details

Poverty is one of the major issues in South Africa. In 2023, there were 18.2 million people living unemployed, facing economic hardships and shortage of financial support. The SRD grant of R350 during COVID-19 pandemic assisted numerous people. It was especially meant for poor, needy individuals who lack financial support and any income assistance between the age of 18-60 years. In South Africa this SRD Grant is assisting millions of South Africans who are facing economic hardships and monetary unbalance.

The process for receiving COVID-19 SRD Grants includes payment processes through multiple depositing resources like ShopRite, Pick N Pay, or Post Bank etc. In order to get the benefit of the amount with direct accuracy efficiency for R350 grant. If your SASSA banking details are not updated then it can lead to lack of income and disturbance in payments. So we have explained all the procedures for the complete overview of SASSA banking details update for SRD R350.

We have covered the whole process below to help you add or update your banking details for SRD R350 Grant. Changing or updating your bank details with SASSA is a simple process.

SASSA Change Banking Details via Online Portal (SASSA Banking Details Link)

For South African

An electronic and fastest way to change banking details for SASSA is by using the official website for SRD R350 or using SASSA banking details link. It is one of the easiest methods for quick update in banking details for SRD grant payments. Follow the methods given as:

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official website of SASSA or by clicking  

Step 2: Secondly, when the website is opened, choose either “South African ID” or “Asylum Seeker/Permit  holder” as per your identity.

Step 3: Thirdly, multiple options will appear in front of you. Click on “How do I Change my banking details”.

Step 4: Now, enter your ID number of 13 characters, digits  and click “Submit”.

Step 5: After the ID is submitted, you will receive SMS of 6-digits via registered cell phone number.

Step 6: SMS will contain important instructions. Follow these instructions carefully.

Keep updating banking information, such as your bank account number, bank name, branch code, registered mobile number every month if you want to avail you R350 payment.

For Asylum Seekers/ Permit Seekers

The process to change your bank details for SRD R350 grant is similar to the method of South African ID holders. However, it includes few differences in steps. The step-by-step guidance is given below as follow:

Step 1: First, visit the official website of SASSA on Google or by clicking

Step 2: Secondly, select either “ Asylum seeker/ Permit seeker” as per your identity.

Step 3: Thirdly, after selecting your ID, choose the option “Change SASSA’s bank information” 

Step 4: Now, enter the Passport Number connected with your Asylum seeker or Permit Seeker file.

Step 5: Then, give your registered phone number.

Step 6: At last, enter the payment ID to collect your SRD grant from Post office, ShopRite, Pick N Pay.

Finally, the process discussed above will help you change your details to receive your R350 grant. Make sure, you have entered correct personalized information for the availing of the facility.

Processing and Timeline for Update in SASSA Change Banking Details

Once the SASSA banking details have been submitted by you it will take around 7-14 business days for processing the updates in your data. This time is taken by SASSA for verifying information. After the data will get updated for the R350 grant, you will be able to receive your payment grants.

Importance of SASSA Banking Details for R350 SRD Grant

The update in the details of a bank account is compulsory because if you have submitted false information then it will not ensure your payment of R350 by SASSA. The incorrect information can also lead to in accuracy, inefficient fund transfer, fraud or lack of accountability. The details of a bank account can affect the actual applicant or candidate. Various grants and transactions are bound to proper verification of the individual who is the actual candidate of aid. The updated SRD R350 details of the bank ensure that the grant is received by the real candidate with all verified information.

How To Shift SRD R350 Payment To Boxer

The change in payment method is for those individuals who want to collect their R350 grant by their desired methods. Follow the steps indicated below for change in payment method to boxer:

Step 1: Visit SASSA official website.

Step 2: Click on South African ID or Asylum Seeker as per your identity.

Step 3: Login with your personal credentials including your  passport number, file number, cell phone number.

Step 4: Choose “Change Payment Method” after logging in. 

Step 5: Select the desired payment method.

You can collect your money from the described method.

Some Of The Methods For SRD R350 Collection

SASSA is fulfilling basic necessities for millions of unemployed South Africans. The poverty rate in South Africa is 55.5 % which means over half of the population is unable to get any housing assistance, education, transportation needs and the development of community. Several options are provided officially by  SASSA to the candidates who want to pick up their SRD R350 grant payments. 

  • Pick N Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Boxer Stores

These methods are as: 

Pick N Pay

By physically reaching at Pick N Pay store you can easily access your grant SRD payment. Thus, the method is as:

Step 1: Firstly, go to any Pick N Pay store near you. 

Step 2: Secondly, must carry your South African ID and registered Cell phone number as required documents.

Step 3: Finally, submit your documents to Pick N Pay Store.

After submission you can take your money from the counter. This must be kept in mind that the applicant of R350 grant can not withdraw their SRD payment from Pick N Pay stores like Pick n Pay Clothing, BP Pick n Pay and Pick and Pay Liquor.


The most easiest method for collection R350 grant is by Shoprite application. Thus, You can get aware on how to withdraw money from Shoprite by the given procedure:

Step 1: Firstly, download Shoprite application from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Secondly, sign in to the application with your credentials.  

Step 3: Thirdly, download your Bank Confirmation Letter.

Step 4: Also, carry this form to any nearest SASSA office for SRD grant.

You will get COVID-19 SRD payment from the SRD office of SASSA.

Boxer stores

Various Boxer Stores are located in different places in South Africa. For collecting the R350 grant you can visit any store. Thus, the procedure is:

Step 1: First, visit the nearest Boxer Store or browse it in Google Maps.

Step 2: Secondly, take all necessary documents including South African ID, registered mobile number.

Step 3: Thirdly, at the Cash register enter ID number and registered mobile number as required details.

Step 4: Finally, you will receive the notification for the confirmation of withdrawal. Choose “Yes”.

Now you can collect your COVID-19 SRD R350 grant from the counter. Make sure that the amount is exactly the same as you were to receive. 

Tips For SASSA Change Banking Details For R350

Establishing a well ordered plan of action for SRD R350 grant payment will lead towards recommended and preferable payment methods. Thus, for SASSA banking details update follow the tips indicated below:

Recheck The Information

The crucial step is to recheck your provided information for availing SRD payment. With modification of information you can have risk free R350 payment. You can check your provided information through the official website of SASSA.

Guidelines And Instruction

Must follow the guidelines by SASSA during every step. You can talk to the representative of SASSA by contacting them on various platforms. This will make you aware of all official guidance, commands and requirements.

Use The Official Website

One must use official channels for R350 payment. Else it can cause potential scams and frauding attempts. For accurate procedural banking details the SASSA website is available. Using this website you can update your details of the bank for SRD grant.

Ensure Documentation Process

For the verification of identity, accuracy of information and authorization you must make sure that you have submitted correct information and you have your personal South African ID number and registered Mobile phone number.

Keep Records

All the records during the updating process which includes South African ID number and Registered mobile number in the priority list  should be prepared for any further procedure. This will make it easy for the next procedure and payment withdrawal.

Check Status Update

Keep checking the status of your SRD payment by SASSA status check for regular update in procedure, track of process and peace of mind. This will make you aware of expected results for SRD grant.

Give Personalized Details

Provide only your own personal information to SASSA so that there might not be any risk of duplication of details or loss of grant collection. Also, in case you have submitted false or incorrect information then you can cancel your SASSA application by visiting the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About SASSA Change Banking Details

Go to the official website of SASSA

It takes 7-14 working days

It is a 11-digit unique code to every applicant or candidate.

With the help of SASSA Mobile USSD: Dial 12069277# or 120*3210# using your                cellphone


Due to errors in previous personalized information, mistaken identity, duplicate information or update in information you can easily change SASSA banking details. In fact, this process will help you ensure your SRD R350 grant payment for initiative by the Social Relief of Development department. Correspondingly, the SASSA banking details update is a compulsion in order to get COVID-19 SRD payment to fulfill basic necessities, education, healthcare and community building. In short, it leads to economic opportunities and financial assistance.

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