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Child Foster Grant SASSA

In the given article, I have elaborated all information about Foster Child Grant. It is a grant presented to care takers or non-biological parents who are taking care of their child who is orphaned, abused, disabled or not having any support. This initiative is meant for the support of basic needs of orphan children who are adopted by non biological parents.

In 1996, the South African Social Security Agency introduced Foster Child Grant. By the end of 2022 assisted 274,000 people of South Africa. It is a shelter to those who are neglected or abused or faced any domestic violence. Foster Child Grant emphasizes the needs of those children for support services of neglected children.

Eligibility Criteria For Foster Child Grant

For the reflection of  fairness and equality an eligibility criteria is set by SASSA for the alignment of its goals and management of its resources. This criteria distinguishes the people and provides its grants only to targeted communities in an effective way. Accordingly, it is beneficial for the right allocation of funds and SASSA aids.

  • One must be South African Citizen/Permanent or Refugee Residency
  • Both applicant and the child must be in South African
  • The applicant must be the foster parent of the child for whom the application is requesting
  • The Foster Child must be in your care under the decisions of the court of South Africa
  • The child must be under 18 years
  • The foster child must have to pass the mean test for Foster Child Grant

The child much have be:

  • Orphan
  • Abandoned
  • Abused
  • Neglected
  • Faced domestic violence

Required Documents For Foster Child

In the procedure of setting standards of equality among all candidates, there are several necessary documents for the SASSA process. It revolves around record keeping for legal compliance and assurance of qualification. Additionally, you will need all of these following items for SASSA Foster Child Grant. Make sure you bring all of these documents for your application to get a grant. Must carry your:

  • Your unique South African ID number
  • You must be South African citizen and nationality holder
  • Birth certificate of foster child with his/her South African ID
  • The designation letter which ensures that you are the parent of foster child
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Any document ensuring the child’s monthly expenditure

These are all must have for any Foster Child Grant by SASSA. In fact, ensure these documents before requesting your application for SASSA Foster Child Grant.

Application Procedure via Online portal

A step by step and organized process to apply for a SASSA grant is the SASSA application procedure. An application procedure serves as a legal regulation for documentation and request for SASSA application procedure. 

An online portal is an easy way to submit your request for SASSA Foster Child Grant. An internet is accessible, time saving and cost effective. With internet via online browser you can get your Grant in easy steps as follows:

Step 1: First, visit any nearest SASSA office or you can browse it on Google maps for your convenience. 

Step 2: Secondly, must carry all your necessary documents including your:

  • Your unique South African ID number.
  • The birth certificate of a child
  • Document ensuring that foster child belongs to South Africa
  • Designation letter ensuring that legally child is under your supervision 
  • Certification of marriage

Step 3: Thirdly, complete your SASSA Foster Child application and provide all these documents to SASSA representatives.

Step 4: Finally, you will receive a receipt ensuring that you have applied for SASSA Foster Child application.

Foster Care Grant Payment 2024

In the first place, the SASSA always keeps increasing its grant every year for maximizing its grants impact on every candidate. Thus, this step is crucial every year for the betterment of literacy, heath level in South African people.

AgencyGrant NameAmount
SASSASASSA Foster Child GrantR1130 / Child

Grant Payment Increase 2024

Foster children will get R1130 in 2024. Additionally, keep in mind that it is an increase from R1110. So, this year every child is supposed to get the given amount after an increase from the R1110 amount of SASSA Foster Child Grant in previous years.

When will my grant lapse?

  • If the foster child dies or applicant parent
  • A child is admitted to any care institution
  • If the grant is not taken for 3 months due to any reason
  • In any case that you are out of country for specific period of time
  • The child is not under your supervision
  • In any case that you are refugee in South Africa

What If My Foster Child Grant Will Get Rejected?

An appeal process can reconsider SASSA decision of grant rejection. SASSA appeal process can help to remove any misinterpretation or misunderstanding. It can make your chances of succeeding and ensure the hope of reconsideration of SASSA grant rejection. You can adapt the enlisted process to grant an appeal for SASSA. An online portal plays a vital role in the quick appeal process as it is a secured way to enhance data accuracy. Additionally, it is save the cost. Keep in mind that you can submit your appeal within a specific time period. In most of the cases the time is 3 months. Else you will not be able to get your SASSA Foster Child grant.

Appeal Processing Timeline

Initial and critical analysis of all candidates are made with the mechanism of time and processing for error correction and evaluation. Thus, this time is for the legal consideration of all documents.

SASSA Foster Child Grant Status Check

For the effective preparation of results, you can perform a SASSA status check to monitor the current status of SASSA. With this, you can continuously engage with the improvement in the standings of your SASSA status for Foster Care grant. It can enhance your monetary management for insightful impact on your financial circumstances. It maintains a clear and well organized pattern for the process of qualification of SASSA grants. Thus, to make the SASSA application process easier we have simplified it in the given steps:

Step 1: Firstly, browse official SASSA Status Check portal online

Step 2: Secondly, enter your South African ID and registered Mobile Phone number.

Step 3: Thirdly, click on “Submit” icon

Step 4: Fourthly, you will get your SASSA Foster Child grant status with the help of an SMS. 

Finally, you will get your SASSA grant.

Mean Test

The SASSA targets its resources only the right people. Thus, a mean test is necessary in this regard for genuine impact of SASSA funds and implementation of resources to needy people. Additionally, it ensures that you are the one who is real deserve of SASSA Foster Payment.

SASSA Grant Balance Check

To prevent overspending and disbalance in financial standings, SASSA balance checks play a vital role . All candidates can maintain expenditure activities  under his observance. All grantors can check their SASSA balance for confirming the current condition of his/her SASSA grant payment balance. Thus, follow the given steps as:

  • Simply, dial *120*3210# on your cell phone.
  • You will get a series of prompts, just follow these one by one.

At last, you will get your SASSA Foster Child Grant balance check.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SASSA Foster Child Grant is provided only to those parents who are taking care of any neglected child. Parents must be legally taking supervision of foster children. Additionally, the child must be orphaned, abused, abandoned and also living in South Africa.

You can check it by using a USSD code. Firstly, dial *120*3210# on your cell phone. Secondly, follow all the given instructions one by one. At last, you will get your Foster Child Grant balance check with a SMS.

If your Foster Child Grant is rejected then you can grant an appeal for it. It will increase your chances of SASSA grant payment.

A mean test is taken to ensure that the candidate is either deserving or not for any SASSA grant. Moreover, it can maximize the impact of resources by just fascinating only needy people.

It will be R1130 by the year of 2024. Additionally, It is an increase from R1110.


A Foster Child Grant is a helping hand to millions of South African families who are adopting orphans. Non biological children or those who faced any domestic violence. Thus, it assists families who are taking care of children to promote stability of their basic needs. With this grant, we can create a secured and better environment. In fact, with SASSA grants, you can ensure equal opportunities and well being. This grant facilitates stability of finance for families. Additionally, these SASSA aids contributes in better support and nurturing a state education, health and monetary support. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of financial circumstances. In short, Foster Child Grant is looking to promote stability of literacy and employment.

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