SASSA Old Age Grant

SASSA Older Persons Grant

In 1928, the South African Social Agency (SASSA) introduced the Old Age Grant which is given to individuals whose age limit is between 60 years or above. It was previously known as the Old Age Pension grant. The applications must be South Africans and must pass a mean test in order to avail Old Age Grant payment. Only candidates who are not receiving any other grant by the government qualify for this grant. In the given article, I have mentioned complete details of this grant provided by SASSA.

Eligibility Criteria of Grants for Old Age

An eligibility criteria is set by any aid providing agency to ensure that the grant is only availing by only needy and poor people. This criteria is set to target beneficiaries who lack income support and financial balance. The Old Age grant by SASSA also includes certain requirements to be met by candidates in order to target funds only to needful elderly communities. As noted below are some descriptions of criteria for grants for old age.

South African Identity

The candidate must belong to South Africa. He or she must be a Permit Seeker/ Asylum Seeker as this grant is only for those needy people who are seeking for any support in the financial, or economic condition. Correspondingly, the Governmental organizations such as SASSA are meant only for local and national people to ensure that the proposed grant is giving benefit to its own people. Additionally, from these governmental grants people can improve their economic support, health condition, unemployment, and poverty.

Age Limitation

The age limitation is set by the SASSA to guarantee that the only targeted unemployed old people are getting benefit from it. As similar to any grant this aid by SASSA has its own criteria of eligibility for candidates. The criteria for old age grant is between 60 years and above. So, the grant is only for the people who are old in age and have no monetary support.

Mean Test

Mean test is taken by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to access the data of all applicants in order to get aware of their economic, monetary stability. By accessing an individual’s situation for financial conditions, SASSA can create fairness, and equality between all applicants. Also, We can prevent other activities like fraud and wrong allocation of resources. Testing is a compensation for fairness and accuracy between all applicants involved. The test for criteria eligibility reflects the entrance for grant application and benefits by SASSA.

OTP Code

An OTP code is a unique string of characters that authenticates that the candidate is himself/herself applying for the grant with his personalized cell phone. Moreover, it ensures that no other unknown individual is applying to take advantage of someone’s grant for old age. This code is commonly in various verifications processes. It is the surety that the user is not fraudulent.   

Mentioned above are some of the statistics which must be in mind before application of Old Age Grant. Also, a Mean test is a compensation for this grant by SASSA.

SASSA Online Application 2024

In order to proceed with facility availing of grants for old age, the official process is tied with proper step by step requests with all requirements needed. Taking guidance for a better application approach is crucial. Having a well maintained procedure increases your chances of a positive outcome. Various grants are often tied with conditions and qualification level. In order to maximize eligibility, one must understand proper process to avoid mistakes and higher chances of positive results. Also, the Candidates should understand the mentioned procedure for a successful outcome.

Apply via SASSA Office

Through official offices of any organization we can have technical assistance, document submission, face-to-face conversation and community engagement. Thus, the process for this is: 

Step 1: First, visit the nearest SASSA office or you can browse it on Google Maps for convenience. 

Step 2: Secondly, carry all the necessary documents including as follows:

  • Your South African Identity Card
  • Your marital status form
  • Your address of residency
  • Your asset & monthly income
  • Your pension certificate
  • Your last 3 months bank statement with all assets details
  • Certificate of leaving from previous employer
  • UIF member ship

Step 3: Now, fill the application form provided by the SASSA representative. 

Step 4: Then, Official SASSA agent will take your test the for verification of information.

Step 4: Finally, a receipt will be provided to you by the representative of SASSA as a proof that you have applied for an Old Age Grant.

keep the receipt with you as a proof for any future requirement. So, if you have all these items which are discussed above then you can apply easily without any hurdle or lack of convenience.

Apply via SASSA Online Application

The fastest, secure and easy method for Old Age Grant  is by visiting their official website. It includes several steps which will finally provide your status for Old Age Grant. These steps are as:

Step 1: Visit official websites of SASSA or browse it on Google  

Step 2: Click on the “Grants” icon.

Step 3: Continue with “Old Age Grant”

Step 4: You will find a form. Fill it with all correct personalized information and necessary documents

Step 5: Ensure all the information by rechecking all the provided data.

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” icon.

The process discussed above is a fast and secure way of applying for an Old Age Grant. One must ensure all the correct personal information during filling the form.

Time Processing and Deadline

The time taken by SASSA for the Old Age Grant is 3 months. During these time periods the proper verification of applicants is made by an official agency. The organization verifies your eligibility for application of crucial data given by you and saves it on its database. Sometimes, the time may depend upon the pace of progress. You can check it from the Old Age Grant status check.

Old Age Grant Status Check 2024

This Grant is helping millions of children, financially unstable, uneducated, special care, care dependent individuals who lack any other social support. The survey for status check is crucial to get aware of the position of yours for the SASSA payments. All the methods are explained which can be beneficial to your interest in grants for Old Age status checks which are clearly mentioned. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the agency to have proper information about any updates for grants. The procedure can be checked by the method as:

SASSA Grants for Old Age Status via Official Website

To get aware of your application progress, status verification, proactive procedure, risk free status check you can check Old Age Grant status using SASSA official website. It is essential to apply using official resources for prevention of fraud and other scams. Discussed below are step by step guidance for checking your status.  Follow the given steps as: 

Step 1: Browse the SASSA website or click

Step 2: Enter your “South African ID Number” or registered Cell Phone number. 

Step 3: Press the “Check now” icon.

Step 4: It will display your status for the Old Age Grant.

The status will be in front of you for your Old Age Grant. Ensure the status of your grant application for a better approach towards grant application.

Old Age Grant Balance Check 2024

SASSA balance check is an activity to examine your remaining balance. This operation helps the applicants to manage their finance, household economy, Monterey circumstances and up to date state of affairs. Candidates can easily check their balance for financial transactions as per their personalized balance. Following are some techniques for SASSA balance check in just a few proceedings. For better approach have regard to the given steps as below as:

Balance Check For SASSA Old Age Grant Via WhatsApp

With WhatsApp you can have a quick and end to end encrypted conversation. Accessibility, online documentation and file sharing, and real time communication are some of the benefits of SASSA grant balance check using WhatsApp.  

Step 1: Firstly, save the WhatsApp number “082 046 8553”.

Step 2: Secondly, send a text “SASSA” on the contact.

Step 3: Thirdly, an automatic chatbot will reply. Shoot a text “Status”.
Step 4: Now, if you have a reference number then reply “Yes” to the prompt.

Step 5: Then, enter your Registered Cell Phone number.

Step 6: Now, Mention your Reference Number.

Step 7: Finally, you will get a SASSA balance check detail on the screen.

SASSA Balance check for Old Age Grant via USSD Code

A USSD Code requires no additional cost and dependency on the internet. When you use USSD code for balance check then there is no involvement of internet based transactions. Provided below are the steps for balance check with USSD Code. Thus, follow the outlined points given below as:

Step 1: Firstly, enter the USSD Code *120*3210# on your cell phone.

Step 2: Secondly, mention your personalized South African ID Number and Phone Number.

Step 3: Finally, you will receive a SMS on your cell phone shortly for a balance check.

SASSA Balance check for Old Age Grant via ATM

Checking your grant balance confirms available funds, up to dated information about the balance. You can monitor your overall monetary funds available in your account. Follow the enlisted steps for better control over balance checks.

Step 1: Firstly, bring your SASSA card to the nearest ATM

Step 2: Secondly, enter your unique 4 digit PIN Code

Step 3: Thirdly, various options will be on the screen. Click on “Account Balance”

Step 4: Now, enter “Balance on Screen” options.

Step 5: Shortly, the balance will be in front to you in detail on the screen.

Requirement for Old Age Grant 2024

The candidates must have the following requirement in order to get an Old Age Grant by South Africa Social Security Agency. In fact, any other candidate who does not meet the given criteria will no be applicable. Thus, the conditions are as below that applicant:

  1. Should live in South Africa 
  2. Nationality must be South African
  3. Must not avail any other grant like UIF
  4. Singles must not earn more than R86 280
  5. Married must not earn more than R1 227 600
  6. Singles must not have money more than the R1 72 560
  7. Married must not have money more than the R2 455 200

As previously stated are some of the basic requirements for the desirable qualification of essentials provided by SASSA for Old Age Pension Grant. One must cover all the mandatory points for a better approach towards request. 

Old Age Grant Payment Dates 2024

The payment for Old Age Pension may vary every month. The dates depend on the official announcement made by SASSA. The payment date announced by SASSA for the month of February 2024 are as:

Grant NameAgencyDate
Old Age GrantSASSA2nd February, 2024

These are dates for the announcements of Old Age Grant and it may differ every month. For notification of grants you can visit the official website.

Old Age Grant Amount 2024

For better planning of finance, budget, allocation of resources, planning, the awareness for the amount of grants is important. The Old Age Grant amount for 60-75 years and above announced by SASSA for official well-known resources are:

Grant NameAgeGrant AmountAgencyDate
Old Age Grant60-74R2090SASSAJanuary 2024
Old Age Grant75 and aboveR2110SASSAJanuary 2024

Moreover, the amount and dates may vary as per update of policies by SASSA. The amount depends upon the governmental budget and other crises every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to dial 12069277#  or 120*3210# for balance check of Old Age Grant.

Old Age Grants Provided to elderly community is R2 090.However it varies every month as per update of policies.

R2,110 is the grant amount expected to be given for the Old Age Grant.

The date for the Old Age Grant is 2nd of February for 2024.

It is expected to increase 5.6% by the month of January 2024.


The old age grant is assisting the older and adult community. In fact, this grant is the main source of support to millions of old age people who are unable to receive any initiative from any other resource. Also, this grant is a source of well being to many South Africans. Old Age Grant is enhancing their lifestyle and reducing their daily life challenges. Additionally, the main aim of the authority is to address and target the community who can not get necessarily health care, and general needs of daily life.

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