SASSA Disability Grant

Disability Grant SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is one of the most well known aid providing agencies in South Africa with its magnificent journey of 23 years in assisting millions of disabled, care dependant, unemployed, old age, war veterans community. Around 50% of South African are availing these grants by various departments of SASSA, including Department of Social Development (SRD), National Development Agency (NDA), Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Department of Public Service and Administration. In this article, we have covered the entire emphasized details of SASSA Disability Grant.

Introduction to SASSA Disability Grant

In 1937, the SASSA Disability Grant was introduced by SASSA in South Africa. The Disability Grant is meant only for the community who is having permanent or temporary disability in their physical or mental health. It assists unfit individuals who require any support for themselves. This grant helps to improve their standards of life, support, health care and monetary balance.

The individuals with physical and psychological defects including health conditions like blindness, cognitive impairments, mobility impairments, mental disability, spinal cord impairment, down syndrome are eligible for the Disability Grant. Additionally, people with sensitivity in their mental state are eligible for it. This grant paid R2, 090 in 2023 to over 1,035,000  disabled people.

What is the eligibility criteria for a Disability Grant?

An eligibility criteria is set by any aid providing agency to ensure that the grant is only availing by only disabled and support less people. This criteria is to target beneficiaries who lack financial support, health care and physical or mental balance. The Disability Grant by SASSA also includes certain requirements for candidates in order to target funds only to needful elderly communities. As noted below are some descriptions of criteria for Disabled Grants.


The nationality of the citizen must be South African because these aids are only given to its own South African people. Others can not avail this Disability Grant payment. Additionally, the reason for this is that SASSA is determined for the public welfare of its own people and community. Thus, to maximize the impact and betterment of the economy, these grants are only for South Africans.

Age Limitation

The age limitation is between 18-59 years. In fact, elder community can avail Old Age Grant by SASSA. But disabled people can benefit from Disabled Grant. This age restriction is to facilitate the target population. So, these grants are subjected to help only individuals who are actually entitled to these Disability Grants.

Mean Test

A mean test is a technique to verify an individual’s information and data. In this mean test the applicants are divided on the basis of genuine requirement of assets. For the fairness and equality among each candidate this test is a compensation. In short, by focusing on one’s financial condition, SASSA can make justice among every single applicant.

No Other Grants

If the applicant is availing any other grant by SASSA then the application will face rejection by the agency. In fact, this is compensation for all applicants to not get benefits from any other firm to improve economic stability of the government. The restriction on getting multiple grants at a time is to ensure the justice and allocation of resources. So, the Disability Grant program’s main objective is to facilitate only real entitled people.

How To Qualify For a Disability Grant?

In order to target the only disabled community, this grant has its specific requirement for the applicants to meet as a compensation. Particularly, for the enquiry of allocation of resources to the right person, these requirements are the line of entrance for SASSA Disability Grant. The candidate must meet these compensation for fair and rule based distribution of grants. Thus, an applicant must:

  • Should be a South African residents, permanent or refugee citizen
  • Nationality must be South African
  • Must have age limitation between 18-59 years
  • Must have certificate of disability report of impairment
  • Candidate and Spouse must meet essentials for mean test
  • Must not have any other support or care
  • Must not receiving any other grant

All these keypoints are essentials for the disabled candidate to fulfill in order to avail these funds. The intended goal of these requirements is to spend aid and initiatives to the right person to maximize the impact.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

The amount may vary every month according to the update of policies. However, initiatives may change every year with respect to change in economic budget, expenditure and financial condition of country. Thus, the payment amount for Disability Grant is in the table as:

Age Limitation18-59 years
Payment AmountR2080

So, for financial planning, efficient use of aids, and risk management it is important to ensure and get aware of your grant amount every month.

How much will the Disability Grant increase in 2024?

The disability community can improve various sectors of their life by increasing initiatives by SASSA. The candidates can improve their education, health care poverty level, physical recovery and crisis unbalance from this increase in Disability Grant by SASSA. Moreover, for the social equality and justice among every citizen. Government takes these steps for support and development of the community. However, The expected increase in Disability Grant Payments is as:

Age Limitation18-59 years
Payment Amount Increase 2024R2090
Increase percentage5%

With this increase in initiatives by SASSA, disabled communities can promote their standards of living and reduce their financial hardships.

When Will My Grant of Disability Stop?

The time period of different grants depends upon policies by the SASSA. In this time period the candidate can fully avail the grant payments. Moreover, the time periods for permanent and temporary disabled people are different.

For Temporary Disabled: The time periods for initiatives by SASSA for temporary Disabled Grant usually last for 6 months or a year. 

For Permanent Disabled: For permanent Disabled grant, the mean test is taken from each candidate after every 5 years or the applicant can show their Disability Certificate by government under various requirements.

What Is The Application Process For Disability Grant?

The process of application for Disability Grant is a structured way of applying for the SASSA grant payments. Candidates can easily apply with the help of an online portal by SASSA. An application is significant in obtaining a proper official way of process by organization. Correspondingly, the methodology for Disability Grant is as:

Step 1: First, visit the nearest SASSA office or browse it on Google Maps.

Step 2: Secondly, talk to official SASSA representative and ask for SASSA Disability Grant application form

Step 3: Thirdly, submit all the required documents which includes:

  • A certificate of Disability
  • Certificate of Marital Status
  • Certificate of South African residency
  • Details you personalized monthly income
  • Details of personal bank asset
  • Details of pension
  • Bank statement of yours of last 3 months
  • Refugee ID or Permit letter
  • Certificate of leaving from previous employer

Step 4: Finally, take the receipt from the SASSA representative.

So, after successful submission of enlisted documents, keep the receipt with you for any future proceedings.

What is the processing time and deadline for grant?

The official time taken by the SASSA for the time processing for the Disability Grant is 3 months. In this given time period SASSA verifies you are all personalized on their database. It involves proper investigation of all information provided by you. Thus, you can receive your Disability Grant payment after once being verified by SASSA.

SASSA Status Check For Disability Grant

This portal provides quick and easy results for grant status checks. Additionally, for the peace of mind and risk management you can keep checking your status for future preparations.   

Step 1: First, search for the official SASSA Status check website on Google or click

Step 2: Secondly, after opening of website, enter you South African ID

Step 3: Also, Refugee can enter their 13-digit personal ID

Step 4: Thirdly, provide your personal registered Cell Phone number

Step 5: Now, enter the “Submit” button to send.

Step 6: Finally, you will receive an SMS shortly, It will show your status for Disability Grant.

Correspondingly, after properly performing these steps, you can have a survey of your status. Thus, before submitting the documents, recheck that all the provided information is correct.

What to do if my application is rejected?

In any case that you have got SASSA status check rejected for the Disability grant then you have to lodge an appeal against SASSA Minister of Social Department’s decision of rejection. Infact, this is a hope of millions of candidates to reapply and to take advantage of grant payment if they have real right to claim grant payments.

Which documents are required for application?

Following documents are for the application process. One must provide all the necessary documents to SASSA for verification of disability and eligibility as well. Thus, the applicant must be:

  • Certificate of disability
  • South African Identity Number
  • Married must not have R172 560 in their bank accounts
  • Must pass the official mean test by SASSA
  • Singles with more than R86 280 are not applicable.
  • Value of your property

How to withdraw SASSA Disability Grant Payment?

Particularly, some of the convenient way for the withdrawal of Disability grant payments includes:

  • ATM
  • Boxer
  • Pick n Pay
  • Usave
  • Spar
  • Shoprite

So, these all methods can withdraw money from your personalized Disability Grant payment. Thus, you can withdraw money as per your easiness, and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

SASSA Disability Grant will increase by 5%. By the year 2024 it will be R2090.

A candidate must be a South African citizen and he must pass a mean test in order to avail SASSA Disability Grant.

ATM, Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Spar, Shoprite are some methods to withdraw your SASSA Disability Grant.

A temporarily disabled person will get SASSA Disability Grant for 6 months to a year. But a person with permanent disability has to give the mean test after every 5 years to get SASSA Disability Grant.

In order to choose the right candidate among all applicants, SASSA takes a mean test to set a boundary between every eligible and ineligible candidate.


The community with lack of support and impairment in physical or mental health can avail this grant. It is only for people who need special support in their life and lack stability in their health. You must be a permanent citizen of South Africa and your age must lie in between the limit of 18-59. Also, a mean test is to avail this aid by SASSA. This grant helps to improve their standards of life, support, health care and monetary balance. Only disabled community is eligible for it. Additionally, the individuals with physical and psychological defects including health conditions like  mobility impairments, mental disability, spinal cord impairment, down syndrome blindness, cognitive impairments, are eligible for the Disability Grant. Thus, the people with sensitivity in their mental state are eligible and can apply for it.

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