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Are you a beneficiary of SASSA and your SASSA card has expired? Looking for solutions? Don’t Worry! I have provided a quick solution and written all related information for SASSA card renewal before SASSA payment dates. So, stop wasting time and let’s move on to tackling the situation together with the complete guidance given below for you. 

But before starting, one thing is clearly defined: if your SASSA card expiration date is the 31st of December still you can use it for the current year of 2024. It is not going to be negligible until any official notification policy or update from SASSA for your SASSA gold card. This initiative is for the facility of SASSA candidates such as SASSA appeal to give relaxation over changing their personal SASSA gold card to another bank card.

Things to Consider Before Renewal of Expired SASSA Card

Certain points are important to understand for the SASSA card renewal process. To proceed with SASSA card renewal, there are various important points one can consider for the best approach to renewal of your SASSA card. All you need is to be aware of these given assets before digging into the solution of renewal of your SASSA card.

SASSA Card Renewal via Post Bank Only

For renewing your grant card, only Postbank can renew it. All other banks except Postbank are unauthorized. Hence, this can be done only with the help of Postbank. This must be kept in mind that no other bank except Postbank can provide you with a new SASSA card so it is compensation for you renewing your SASSA card only by the Post Bank office nearest to you.

Renewal of SASSA Card via Physical visit only

The only way to SASSA card renewal is by physically visiting the Postbank nearest to you. This must be kept in mind that renewal of SASSA cards will depend on in-person visits to the branch of the Post Bank office. If you are looking for any solution for renewing a SASSA card with the help of any online procedure then it must be a valid point to you that with only an in-person visit you can go through the SASSA card renewal process.

SASSA Card Renewal via Eligibility Criteria

A SASSA applicant seeking for card renewal of his/her SASSA grant must be eligible for the respective grant as the first and foremost priority. If a candidate is seeking renewal of his SASSA card then he must look at his eligibility first before applying and going under the SASSA renewal procedure of the card. Any ineligible candidate of SASSA will be directly excluded from the SASSA card renewal process. Hence, the eligibility criteria is compensation.

Procedure for SASSA Card Renewal

Here are complete details in steps for renewing your SASSA card after facing expiration. All steps are explained for the best understanding.

Step 1: Collect Your Documents

You must carry all the necessary documents with you. These documents are compulsory for the renewal of the SASSA card process. Ensure these documents as these all will be required for the procedure before getting your SASSA form for the card renewal. 

i.  Your South African ID Card

ii. Your personal Home Address

iii. Your Previous Utility Bills

iv. Expired SASSA Card

Step 2: Visit Post Office

Now, you have to visit any post office nearest to you. Also, for ease, you can browse it on Google maps as well. Then, proceed by asking if you need to get your new SASSA grant card. They will guide you through the procedure.

Step 3: Provide Documents and collect the SASSA form

After going under step 2, now you have to take the necessary documents for the procedure of verification. When your verification is completed, a SASSA form will be provided to you. A complete guidance regarding the method of SASSA card renewal will be written over it.

Step 4: Complete the Form

Now, fill out the form given by the SASSA representative at the SASSA office. Write all details which are needed and also provide updated information. Ensure correct information by writing the latest information and details of yours.

Step 5: Submit the Form

After your SASSA card renewal form, all you need is to submit it to the SASSA representative. After the successful submission of the form, you have to make your receipt compulsory for the collection of SASSA new cards by SASSA officials. Shortly, you will get a notification for the receipt of a card from the SAPO or Post branch nearest to you. Finally, activate your SASSA card with the help of instructions which will be provided along with the new SASSA card.

Step 6: Receive the Receipt

At last, all you have is to receive a receipt which will prove that you have got your new SASSA card for grant payments by the SASSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can not renew your SASSA card online using a portal or other process. It is a compulsory thing to physically visit the SASSA-authorized Postbank. Any other procedure using online is not applicable. Including, you have to go as an in-person visit at Postbank. Otherwise, you would be able to renew your SASSA card.

For the renewal of the SASSA card, it is compulsory to have a visit at any Postbank office branch which is nearest to you. This is the only place from where you can renew your SASSA card. All other banks are not authorized by SASSA in this order, so you have to visit Postbank for the renewal of the card. Make sure you have all the necessary information along with you.

First, you have to ensure your compulsory documents which include your personal South African ID, home address, expired SASSA card etc. Then, visit any Post Bank nearest to you. Ask for the SASSA card renewal form from the representative. Give your all necessary documents. You will be given a form. Complete it and receive a receipt at last.

A few documents which will be needed include your South African ID card, personal home address, previous utility bills and expired SASSA card. You will be asked to provide these documents before getting your SASSA card renewal form. Also, ensure that these all are up to date and latest.


A SASSA card renewal is performed by those individuals whose previous SASSA card has expired. This process will make you get a new SASSA card of yours. Simply, follow the provided procedure in order to get renewal of SASSA card. As this card is compulsory needed for any SASSA social grant payment, so first priority you have to renew your SASSA card. However, it must be kept in mind that if your expiration was on 31st December then you can still use this SASSA card until the update or notification from official SASSA resources.

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