Child Support Grant 2024

SASSA Child Support Grant

In this article, I have mentioned complete knowledge of SASSA Child Support grant. With this SASSA grant you can enable your child to get a better future with employment, health facilities and reduction of poverty. It is crucial in stabilizing families who are facing hardships in their financial conditions. The given article is effective to South African families who are looking for monetary assistance to provide the basic needs of their child after the successful SASSA application process

Introduction SASSA Child Support Grant

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a leading agency for its well known publicity due to the welfare of 26 millions of South Africans. This granting agency is an assisting cooperation and provides many grants like SASSA SRD R350 Grant for removal of unemployment, poverty and financial crises of million families.

SASSA introduced a Child Support Grant for parents in order to afford their child’s needs. The focus of this grant is to assist parents to fulfill the needs of their children. At the same time, the parents of children under 18 years are eligible after a proper SASSA application process for those who are looking for the benefit of the child to provide better education, healthcare and personality development. Significantly, Child Support Grant acts as a  helping hand to millions of parents. Thus, this initiative contributes to families for budget management and household income.

Child Support Grant Eligibility Criteria 2024

All eligible grantors are supposed to meet the SASSA criteria set by the SASSA granting firm. With this criteria, SASSA can visualize and differentiate among all applicants to choose only candidates who are the exact target of SASSA for grant payment. Correspondingly, these are all essentials that every candidate is bound to have for application of Child Support Grant. Therefore, these requirements are set by an official organization for verification of data and information given below as:

  • The candidate must be South African
  • The candidate and his child must be resident of South Africa
  • The applicant must be the main caregiver of child
  • Must be born after 13 December 1993
  • The candidate and his/her spouse must have to meet requirements of mean test 
  • Applicants can not apply for more than his/her 6 biological children
  • Should not be in any Care Institution

Additionally, one must ensure these are all essentials for the application process. Else there might be a chance of rejection of request for Child Support Grant.

Application Process For Child Support Grant

Addressing the needs of South Africa, the SASSA is intended to favor every eligible candidate with  a proper verified process of SASSA application. Legal compliance is important for any organization to create community involvement and fair submission of documents under verification. In order to create a track record of candidates, all necessary documents should be submitted for SASSA application. An easy method for application process using online portal is given below as:

Application process via Online portal

Follow the given step by step guidance for better understanding towards SASSA application using online portal.

  • Log in to your SASSA personal account with credentials including your South African ID and Registered mobile number.
  • Enter the “Social Grant” icon.
  • Fill your application form provided to you.
  • Submit all the required documents mentioned above.
  • Sign the form of your “Bank Payment”.
  • Enter the “Submit” icon.
  • Give your all necessary documents in PDF form.
  • Click on the “Submit” icon.

Processing & Timeline

For effective responsiveness from SASSA, the processing time period is to reduce the risk of uncertainty. SASSA contributes in trust meeting organizational compensation for prevention of frauds and other mischief activity. During this time SASSA verifies all information for prominent and right allocation of its resources. The time taken by SASSA is 2-3 months in most of the cases.

Mean Test For Child Support grant

Mean test is a bridge to differentiate eligible and ineligible people. Cleary, it declares correct and impactful allocation of resources and also ensures the value of eligible candidates. So, for determining the eligible applicants, a mean test is taken to compare the level of appropriate qualification of SASSA grants.

Child Support Grant Status Check

The SASSA Status Check for Child Support Grant is a convenient procedure for getting aware of your current standings of grant. In fact, the SASSA status check is a facility provided to applicants to make them aware about their grants for peace of  mind and better management of results. Thus, mentioned below are 2 easy and quick methods for status check of your SASSA application.

  • Status Check via Online Portal
  • Status Check via WhatsApp

Status Check via Online Portal

In order to keep checking your status, you can easily perform it with the help of an online portal. To allow grantors to identify an upcoming risk or make candidates aware of expected results, the SASSA status check can keep you monitoring the standings of progress of SASSA. Including, with identification of status checks for SASSA grant payments, one can create a timely management of budgetary instability and best practice for keeping yourself updated. Thus, follow the steps described below as:

Step 1: On Google, browse the “SASSA status check” on it.

Step 2: Secondly, visit the very first official SASSA website. 

Step 3: Thirdly, provide your genuine South African ID number and authentic registered mobile number.

Step 4: Finally, enter the “Submit” icon on it.

Shortly, You will be able to survey your SASSA status after the successful performance of the above procedure.

Status Check via WhatsApp

As a rule, You can examine a quick SASSA status check of yours with the help of WhatsApp. Also, it is a secure way for paperless communication among SASSA and its candidates. So, the given procedure is crucial to your interest in status check for SASSA grant. Particularly, follow the given steps as:

Step 1: Save the SASSA contact number  “0820468553” on WhatsApp.

Step 2: Reply with “SASSA”.

Step 3: Reply with “SASSA Status Check” after it.

Finally, you will be able to examine your SASSA Child Support grant status.

Appeal Process For Children Care Grant

To correct intentional and unintentional uncertainty and errors made by SASSA or candidate himself/herself, a SASSA Appeal is offered to encourage equality and fairness among every candidate. This acts as a key role to millions of for rejected candidates. The SASSA appeal addresses the of rejected candidate and it is a hope to South Africans with its SASSA appeal processing.

  • Visit the official SASSA appeal portal
  • Mention your South African ID and registered cell phone number
  • You will receive a unique PIN on your phone. Enter it in a desired column.
  • Choose a month for SASSA appeal
  • Describe the reason of your appeal
  • Enter the “Submit” icon.

Undoubtedly, Your SASSA appeal request is submitted successfully.

Balance Check For SASSA Children Care Grant

A SASSA balance check is a facility for timely maintenance of a candidate’s budget. Accordingly, to ensure evidence of risk and financial unbalance. In fact, the SASSA donors are providing the facility to candidates to check their balance for avoiding unsustainability in issues of expenditure management.  

Step 1: At first, enter the USSD *120*3210# on your mobile.

Step 2: Secondly, the USSD will take a few seconds to run. Carefully, follow the instructions to get your SASSA balance for grant.

Finally, You will get your  balance for SASSA grant payment.

After how long will child support grant lapse?

Generally, multiple grants often come with strategic planning just like SASSA Child Support, the main purpose of SASSA is to achieve their goals of removal of poverty and unemployment and lack of health support. As well as, in regard to avoiding project prolongation, the various  SASSA grants have limited time periods. Moreover, this concept comes with strategic encouragement of the community to stand within a given period of time before the lapse of SASSA grant.

Grant Amount Payment 2024

In the first place, for a significant impact of initiatives, SASSA provides its different grants to various people depending upon their category and level of requirement. Correspondingly, the grant offered by the SASSA for child support is given below as:

GrantAgencyAmount 2024
Child Support GrantSASSAR350 per month

 Children Care Grant Payment Dates 2024

The payments dates announced for the year of 2024 by official resources of SASSA is given below as:

MonthChildren’s Grant
January 20245th January 2024
February 20246th February 2024
March 20247th March 2024

Expected increase in Child Support Grant

Particularly, In order to maximize the facility of SASSA grants, this firm is continuously cooperating with South Africans to better their condition of individuals life and increase their standards of living. In fact, with the continuous increase in grant amount, every year SASSA acts as a leading welfare agency in South Africa. However, the expected increase in SASSA child support grant is mentioned as:

GrantAgencyAmount 2024
Child Support GrantSASSA5.6%

SASSA Office Timings

Be aware of SASSA office timings, as it is effective in avoiding any inefficient collaboration. To schedule your visit at the SASSA office, you can prevent delays in SASSA updates or other basic information.

Monday to Friday7:30 to 16:00

However, the SASSA office remains closed for Saturday and Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Child Support Grant, the processing time interval is roundabout 60 to 90 days. Moreover, During this time period, the applicants have to wait patiently.

The main target of Child Support Grant is to assist families who are unable to support their children’s basic needs. With this Children care initiative parents can fulfill their daily basis requirements.

The most rapid and easy method for SASSA child Care Grant Status Check is with  the help of SASSA official online portal.

The expected increase for Child Support Grant is 5.6% by the year of 2024. This may vary as per change or update in SASSA policies of 2024.

The office timings of SASSA are 7:30 to 16:00 and Saturday, Sunday are off due to public holidays by the government.


A child support grant is given to needy children who are disabled or their families are unable to afford their basic needs. This initiative is a helping hand to millions of families who are seeking financial support. It assists parents to afford their children’s basic needs like education, health, disability and better future development. It is a helping hand from SASSA to millions of poor families. 

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