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Featured Image SASSA Appeal For Reconsideration For SRD R350 Grant Declined

If SASSA declined your application for R350 grant, you can appeal the decision online and get them to reconsider your application. Most of the times, inaccurate information provided by the applicant to SASSA causes rejections. Before you submit an appeal for application reconsideration, make sure to understand why SASSA rejected your grant in the first place.

In case of rejection of SRD R350 Grant you can make an appeal against the decision of Social Relief of Distress. This facility is being provided by the official agency for applicants to get the benefit of grants. I have enlisted all the procedure and methodology for SASSA appeal which can be helpful to you for receiving your payment.

Procedure For SASSA Appeal Online 2024

The Special Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) came into existence during COVID-19 period of pandemic for public welfare. This grant is assisting millions of South Africans who are facing economic hardships, lack of financial support etc.

If you applied for R350 Grant and the your application was rejected by the officials then following are the methods explained in details for SASSA appeal as given below: 

Method 1: SASSA Appeal Online via Website

The process of granting SRD appeal for R350 via online helps you submit appeals electronically. SASSA has made this process cost saving and time efficient for its candidates. Further the given process will let you make an immediate request for SRD payment. In order to request an application for SASSA appeal decision, the general steps for SASSA are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official website of SASSA grant appeal by clicking

Step 2: Enter your South African ID or Green ID Book and registered mobile number. 

Step 3: Enter the “OTP” code sent by SASSA to your personal registered cell phone number .

Step 4: Select the month of SASSA appeal.

Step 5: Explain your reason for your SRD appeal for R350.

Step 6: Enter the “Submit” icon and wait for the confirmation.

Step 7: The appeal for SASSA Grants is done. 90 days is the maximum limit for the process.

The process discussed above reflects the procedure of SASSA appeal for SRD R350. The appeal process takes 60-90 days after appeal application. You can lodge an application every month when you are rejected. Keep in touch with regular updates and changes in policies. Stay informed and keep the records of documentation with patience and timelines. 

Method 2: SRD SASSA Appeal via WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a fast, secure and encrypted way to appeal SRD Grant. Community with their Whatsapp application can take advantage of this facility. Follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Simply save the Whatsapp number “0820468553” of SASSA.

Step 2: Text them “SASSA” to activate the process of your application for appeal grant.

Step 3: Once the chat is activated, reply “SRD R350 Application” in order to proceeds.

Step 4: Provide a South African ID number or Green ID Book and hit the “Submit” icon.

Method 3: R350 SRD Appeal via Toll-Free

A Toll-Free is a facility SASSA provides to public and local communities who can not afford the actual price of a call. This helps to get easy and quick communication with the organization. Avail this Toll-Free option by steps given as follows:

Step 1: Contact “ 0800 601 011” with your cell phone.

Step 2: Ask for “SRD Appeal” to the representative.

Step 3: Give your South African ID number and registered mobile number.

Method 4: SASSA R350 Appeal via Email

Another easy and fast method is to grant SRD appeal using your Email. This can help you get notified electronically online. Follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, enter the Email address “[email protected] 

Step 2: Now, enter the subject as “SRD R350 Application” in the Email. 

Step 3: Then, compose the main body of the Email along with your ID number and Registered number.
Step 4:
Finally, click on the “Send” icon.

Method 5: R350 SASSA Appeal via Offices

By visiting SASSA official office for R350 appeal you can have a clear and face to face conversation with representatives This will help you get personalized assistance for legal and procedural guidance. Inquire any question for further understanding from the official counselor. The procedure is in steps below as:

Step 1: At first, visit the SASSA office. For convenience you can browse it on Google Maps.

Step 2: Secondly, bring all the necessary documents including South African ID and registered Cell Phone number.

Step3: Thirdly, once you have reached the office, talk to the representative with patience and politeness. Mention your issue for SASSA appeal and ask for the guidelines.

Step 4: Finally, the representative will guide you to lodge an application for COVID-19 SRD.

As mentioned before the appeal process can take 60-90 days, so be patient and calm. You will be notified about your SRD appeal status from registered mobile number. Moreover, wait for the given time period so that SASSA can have a verified decision making process in this regard.

Appeal Processing Time And Deadline

After lodging an appeal for COVID-19 SRD, applicants have to wait for 60-90 days as mentioned by the policy of SASSA. This process is taken by the agency to investigate, verify identity, check personalized information, decision making process, review and analyze documents. Be patient and calm during the R350 appeal process. You will get notification at your registered Cell phone number in the mentioned time period.

Due Date for SRD appeal:

Applicants must submit their appeal for SRD payments within the 30 days after getting notified for grant rejection. Any delay in the process can lead to permanent rejection of grant. However, make sure to grant an appeal on time.

Eligibility Criteria For SRD R350 Grant Appeal

In order to target only needy and authentic candidates, various eligibility criteria are set by the SASSA for COVID-19 SRD. These criteria and limitations reflect efficient use of resources, legal and regulatory rules. However, you must meet the standards given below as:

Nationality Verification:

Any person looking for SRD appeal must be an identity holder of South Africa. As this grant is presented only to its people. Any other applicant with a different national identity is ineligible. So, nationality verification is compulsory for the enquiry of aids acquired by South African candidates.

Age restriction:

The candidate age must lie in the standards given by the agency. The age criteria set by SASSA for grant is between 18-60. Any candidate who is not meeting this age limitation is unqualified. In case, if you meet age limitation but haven’t got payment then update and confirm your data at SASSA database first.

Limitation of Finance:

Your monthly income should not be more than R595/624. This criteria is by SASSA under certain policies. One must stand between the regulations of income standards for SRD R350. If your financial condition is stable and you have any other economic support than your appeal will get rejected.

Duplicate appeal:

In any case of duplicate appeal to SASSA due to uncertainty, impatience or lack of confirmation can lead to permanent rejection of appeal grant. Ensure you have submitted your appeal once. So, be patient and moderate during the procedure of SRD appeal.

Other grants:

Availing multiple grants at the same time by SASSA or any other fund such as UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) will cause ineligibility for SRD appeal. Because receiving various grants will not ensure the SAASA’s fund reaching only to needy and poor people.

Living status Qualification:

One must have a certificate of living from the government to avail grant appeal facility. This status helps SASSA to ensure that with accurate allocation of resources there is no fraud activity involved. Verification of living status is a practice to meet regulations and policies. 

These security and eligibility measures are taken by SASSA for prevention of over payments, maintaining programs integrity and prevention of frauds.

SRD Appeal SASSA Status Check 2024

The facility of regularly checking the status of your COVID-19 SRD appeal helps you get communication updates, timely response, verification of progress and peace of mind. The SRD appeal for R350 helps you to get aware of results. To check the status of your SASSA appeal there are various methods. All these methods can be helpful to your application for a R350 grant given as follows. They are in proper and understandable easy methods:

Method 1: Online Status Check Appeal via Website

Step 1: At first, open the official website of SASSA appeal status  on browser or clicking

Step 2: Second, click on South African ID holder and registered cell phone number                                     

Step 3: Thirdly, you will find multiple options                                                                                                 

Step 4: Now, enter the “OTP” you will receive at the registered cell phone number.                                 

Step 5: Then, enter your ID or Green Book Number  and registered cellphone number to log in. 

Step 6: Select “Check Appeal Status” and input the necessary information.                                    

Step 7: Now, Enter ID and you click on the “Search” option.                                                                       

Step 8: Finally, look for your appeal and then click on the “Search” Option given there.                           

Finally, you can now view  your SRD appeal status. Timelines and expected date will also be provided there, you can survey it.

Method 2: Appeal SASSA Grant Status Check using Call

Step 1: First, enter “0800 601 011” on your phone.

Step 2: Ask for grant appeal for SRD.

Step 3: Now, provide your ID and Registered mobile number.

Step 4: Finally, you will be notified by SMS.

Method 3: SRD R350 Status By Email

Step 1: First, enter the Email address “[email protected]” at your phone

Step 2: Secondly, enter “SRD R350  Appeal” in the Subject.

Step 3: Now, provide your ID and Registered mobile phone number in the main body.

Step 4: Finally, you will get SMS.

Reasons For Rejection Of R350

Only 30% of the total applicants got approved by SASSA and received their payments last month due to identification of financial support by any other firm or source. Correspondingly, SASSA recognized these candidates as ineligible as this grant is meant only for poor, needy individuals who face financial hardship or economic poverty. Thus, the appeal for COVID-19 SRD is accepted only if you do not meet regulations of SASSA as mentioned below:

Loan Or Debt:

Any person who has taken loan from SA bank is not eligible for SRD  grant and SASSA appeal.

Any Income Source:

Community with any source of income from various means is not applicable for grant appeal.


In any case of fraud or duplicity the SASSA will not accept any SRD R350 application. Make sure you meet eligibility criteria for SRD R350.

Duplicate Of Appeal:

In any condition of trying to submit an appeal after once has already been submitted by you will cause rejection of SRD appeal.

Other Grants:

 If you are availing any other grant like UIF then you can not appeal for SASSA grant payment.

Queries For SASSA SRD R350 Grant Appeal

In case you want to inquire any query regarding SRD appeal then you must have to get in contact with Department of Social Development with the given contact details as follows:

Telephone Number012 312 7727
Email[email protected]
Alternative Email[email protected]
Fax086 534 3124

Important links for SASSA:

Following are the important links for service access, public interaction and communication in respect for SRD appeal. Thus, these links can be crucial to your interconnection and linkage with official SASSA.

Official website:

Appeal SRD website:

Frequently Asked Questions

If the status is not in access online then you have to visit the official office of SASSA for guidelines.

It states that your application is under the process of review.

Go to official website of SASSA for status check of SRD.

18-60 year is age limitation as per SASSA policies.

On your registered cell phone number.


An appeal for SASSA’s SRD Grant R350  is submitted by those individuals whose applications get rejected due to updates of data submitted already. Additionally, the change in personal information, program changes, date extensions or confirmation of eligibility criteria etc. The process of resubmission of your application helps to get the benefit of the grants being provided. In short, the procedure discussed above can be crucial  to your interest for SASSA appeal.

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