SASSA Approved Status

sassa status approved

If you are a beneficiary of the SASSA grant payment and getting SASSA approved status? Confused about its meaning and what to do next? We have mentioned all the details of the approval of SASSA status at the SASSA status check. All you need is to read the given article to become aware of the related knowledge to clear any confusion. Also, you will be aware of the related information to get great knowledge about it.

What to do if SASSA Approved Status?

If your SASSA has approved the status of your SASSA grant payment then you have to only withdraw the SASSA social grant payment of yours with various methods like Checker, Usave, Shoprite, Pick n’ Pay and Boxer. These are some basic ways to get your SASSA grant payment. Also, post offices are used to get your cash from the SASSA grant amount payment. Ensure that you are carrying your South African ID number and registered mobile phone number.

Where to Collect SASSA Approved Payment?

You can collect SASSA-approved payments with the help of the various means mentioned below. All you need is to visit these stores and then provide your South African ID and registered mobile number. You can collect the SASSA-approved payments from the following options. You can choose the one which suits you most conveniently and easily. The options for the collection of the SASSA payment are as:

  • Checker
  • Usave
  • Shoprite
  • Pick n’ Pay
  • Boxer

These are some of the methods to receive your SASSA payment you. Must carry your personal South African ID number and registered mobile phone number along with you as well.

When to get SASSA payments after SASSA approved status?

You can get SASSA payment after it has approved by the SASSA officially. You can check the SASSA payment dates from the official SASSA website. These all dates are on the official website of the SASSA. And also you can get connected with social media resources to get the latest, genuine, updated and correct notifications.

SASSA Approved Status but No Payday?

In any case if you have received the SASSA approved status at the SASSA status check but there is no payday you are getting then the reason may include that you have entered incorrect information of yours. Also, the reason may be that there are millions of applications and after a specific time is to give you SASSA payday.

Other SASSA Status Meanings

The SASSA status check has a lot of meaning as it shows various statuses and everyone has different meanings along with different requirements. We have elaborated various common SASSA status meanings along with brief details to help you get better help in having a grip on the SASSA meanings. The Following are the other statuses are for you to get aware of the meanings of it. You will get more information about it by reading it.

SASSA Referred Status

The SASSA referred status is the reason for the duplicate information, missing documents, delayed SASSA application and any fraudulent activity involved. You have to contact the SASSA by various means including WhatsApp, Toll-Free and also you can visit the official office of the SASSA to have face-to-face communication regarding this.

SASSA Pending Status

The SASSA pending status means that your grant is pending due to certain reasons which may include the period by the SASSA, the verification process and any other network error as well. All you have to do is wait properly during this period to get final results of the SASSA grant payment amount. The SASSA candidates have to wait patiently during this period for the SASSA amount.

SASSA Declined Status

Unfortunately, your SASSA grant payment has declined. If you want to get the SASSA grant payment amount then you have to appeal to the SASSA. Also, ensure that you have appealed in the given period of the SASSA. Mostly, the period to appeal is 90 days.

Information Required

In any case, if missing information while submitting the SASSA application you will get a quick status of information required. And you have to give your personal information which includes your South African ID number and registered mobile phone number. Also, ensure that the information is genuine, updated and latest.

SASSA Payment Done

You will get this when you have received your SASSA payment amount and you don’t have to do anything for it. It simply means that you have received your payment of the SASSA social grant. Now, you can take the benefit of your SASSA grant payment amount from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Also, you can make the financial condition more stable by with these SASSA social grant amount payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

It means that the SASSA has approved your SASSA payment amount and now all you need is to collect the payment from any method like Usave, Boxer, Pick n’ Pay etc. Additionally, you must carry your South African ID number and registered phone number to get the SASSA grant amount payment.

You can recover your SASSA-approved payment with the help of Usave, Boxer, Pick n’ Pay and also the post office as well. You can view the SASSA payment amount from the SASSA official website and social media accounts. Must carry your SA ID number as it is compulsory to get your SASSA payment along with the registered mobile phone number.

You will get your SASSA-approved payment when you get a specific date announced for the respective month at official means. You can get in contact with the official means by social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and also the official website of the SASSA. 


The SASSA approved status means that your SASSA grant application has approved after your SASSA application. And now you can withdraw your SASSA payment amount. The methods from which you can get the payment of SASSA includes Pick n’ Pay, Boxers and post office. You will require your South African ID and registered mobile phone number of yours. So make sure that you have provided the essentials of yours updated, latest and correct as well.

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